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Posted by on July 15, 19100 at 07:32:10:

In Reply to: ? for RE on low dose injectable cycle posted by Heather MCcreary on July 14, 19100 at 19:59:37:

: I wondering before i move to IVF if i should try a low dose cycle? I am a PCOer i have responded well to the Glucophage, i have lost 70 pounds in 10 months and have had some natural periods.
: My first gonadotropin cycle i did 2 amps cycle day 6,
: then 4 amps cycle day 8, and then 8 amps cycle day 10, then on cycle day 11 i started a period.
: My second cycle of gonadotropins statrted on cycle day 2 i did 4 amps 2 times a day for 10 days. That cycle was canceled due to E2 levels of 7350. Im not sure what that means. I do know it was wat to high. I did start to take prometruim for 10 days.
: MY RE talked to me about IVF and im not sure what to do. I have an apt 7-26 to talk over the next step.
: Any info that i can get to talk over with him would be great. The more that i learn the beter off i am.
: Thanks so much,
: Heather McCreary

Low-dose protocols for ovulation induction are excellent protocols, in general, for women with PCOS. However, women with PCOS can be tricky to stimulate and in ovulation induction with IUI there is always a significant risk of multiples and hyperstimulation. Obviously this risk is a little easier to control with IVF. Thus, it is always important to make a very careful and INFORMED decsion about proceeding with IVF or IUI with stimulation for the woman with PCOS. I would strongly suggest that you talk this over very carefully with your RE. Good lUck.

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