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Water retention/feeling of bloating is a progestational side effect. Interestingly, however, there is no documented proof of excess water in the abdomen or pelvis in women on progestins. As for how long to be off the other meds, a few weeks should do. Good luck.

: Dr. Stein,
: Thanks so much for your reply.

: Of all the pills I was on, Demulen was the best, but it was far from something I could live with( mood swings, thinning hair, etc.) I am wondering if the excessive water retention is related to progesin as well ...?

: I am planning on getting a full evaluation done very soon. Since I was on the Pill and Aldactone until a month ago, how long should I wait to have my system cleared of all meds so that I can be re-evaluated from ground zero?

: Lastly, since I am still retaining water, do you think it is still related to my previous use of meds, or does it indicate that I should see some other doctor for this as a completely unrelated issue?

: I apprecaite your taking the time to answer my questions. I am very grateful.

: : Your history is suggestive of PCOS but you are right that other disorders must be ruled out. It sounds like you are extremely sensitive to the progestational component of the pills (the pills have estrogen and progestin - 2 hormones). Demulen is a good choice as it is relatively non-androgenic. Aldactone is a good drug as well and should not be worsening your symptoms. Diabetes-related medications may be a good choice - they are not used in all PCO patients. I would suggest a full evaluation by a reproductive endocrinologist.

: : : I had my first period when I was 16 and it was very irregular until a doctor put me on the pill about 4 1/2 years ago. I was also started out at 100 mg Aldactone to help with hirsuitism (I had hair on my lip, chin,chest... etc.) Once I started the pill, I went up 2 cup sizes, and gained about 20 lbs. in the first few months. Initially I would feel very tired ( fell asleep at the wheel once!) and was then referred to another doctor in NYC.
: : : >
: : : Since then, I changed several pills, and all along have been having big problems with water retention. I was taking 200 mg of Aldactone for the past year. It didn't really solve the problem. My hair has thinned out and become finer and limper in texture. The only real positive is that my facial hair had been dramtically reduced by the medicine and electrolysis.

: : : From last May to this February I was on Demulen. I lost about 10- 15 lbs. without changing anything in my lifestyle. I didn't feel as tired with this pill, but the water retention was only a bit better, and my moods
: : : were miserable. In a last attempt, I was switched to Mircette. Within weeks I put on about 18-20 lbs. and was feeling miserable. My eyelashes starting dropping off !I have had NO sex drive for the past 2 years. i also started getting migraines. I am 29.

: : : I finally quit all my medication on May 20, with the approval of my doctor. They don't really know what the cause of my PCO is and want to 'start over' in a few months once my body resets itself.

: : : In the past weeks since I have quit the pills my hair and skin have become oily ( I have always had good skin even before the pill so this is weird). My scalp actually feels sore.; I have a LOT more energy; my temperament is finally getting
: : : somewhat back to normal. The unwanted hair start to
: : : >make a come back and in places I never had it before. The hair on my head isn't really improving yet.
: : : Lastly, I still wake up looking like a water balloon.

: : : 1. After reading through several postings, I notice that many of the women are taking diabetes medicines. Is this treament standard for all PCO?

: : : 2. My doctor told me that she does not have any idea about the water retention. Does anyone know anything about this ? I am wondering if I need to see a different doctor about this ( not PCO related ?)

: : : 3. Is this sudden change in my hair/skin since being of the meds normal ?

: : : 4. Is there anyone else out there whose hair has suffered with the pill?

: : : 5. I have also been poking around this and read that it is "... other disorders of the ovary, pituitary gland and adrenal gland can mimic the symptoms and appearance of PCOS, these disorders should be excluded
: : : before an accurate diagnosis of PCOS can be made" How can I as a pateint ensure this happens?

: : :
: : : My last ultra sound shows my ovaries at 2.5 cm and 4 cm in size but with several tiny cycts. Is this consistent with PCO
: : : I apologize for making such a long posting. I sincerely thank all of you for taking the time to read this.

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