Re: ? for Dr's: Late cycle ovulation

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Posted by JLFisher on July 12, 19100 at 13:19:28:

In Reply to: Re: ? for Dr's: Late cycle ovulation posted by JLFisher on July 12, 19100 at 13:17:30:

: : : I have been diagnosed with PCOS since March 2000.(But have probably had it for years before.)
: : : I also have diabetes. My last hem. a1c was very good, 5.2, and since March, I have
: : : lost 29 pounds. For two cycles now I have been starting on my own, they last about 32 days,
: : : and I have been religiously doing my BBT charting.
: : : What I have observed is I tend to start ovulating around cd20-23. Is this normal?
: : : My RE seems to feel as long as I'm ovulating at all this is a
: : : good sign. Oh yes, by the way, my left ovary and fallopina tube
: : : are inoperaple, so I'm only functioning with the right ovary. Could that make a
: : : difference? Thanks in advance for your response.
: : : JLFisher

: : In a 32 day cycle one would typicall ovulate around day 18 and see a temp rise shortly after. You can double check this with bloodwork
: : However, having only one tube can make a difference
: : Why is your tube inoperable and what is the status of the other tube are questions that you need answers to.
: : Congrats on the weight loss

: I had an ectopic pregnancy in 1997. The egg was trapped in the lining of the left tube and although,
: the dr tried to save it at the time, an HSG x-ray in Jan of 2000 indicated that it has since collapsed.
: The right tube is "normal".
: Also my left ovary is swollen, possibly due to the PCOS or the fact that I was put on clomid for 6 months
: without being tested for infertlity problems.
: Does this help?

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