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Posted by on July 04, 19100 at 12:59:48:

In Reply to: My 13 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER!!!! ;o( posted by Theresia Ferguson on May 12, 19100 at 21:13:42:

: My 13 almost 14 year old daughter started her period
: at the age of 10. She was reguler for about 6 months.
: Then they stopped. She's 5'5" and weighs about 200 pounds
: she won't get on the scale any more. She's tried to loose
: weight for the last year but to no avail. she has sideburns
: slight mustash and hair on her neck and chin. what do I do now.
: I really don't want my 13 year old on the pill, BUT....
: And for her to have a vaginal Exam. She would DIE!!!!
: This is still a little girl, Not a boy dating teenager!
: I love the fact that she has held on to her childhood.
: How do I keep her intact and Inocent yet get her help
: before all of this gets out of hand?

: Thank You
: Theresia

Hi Theresa,
My name is Liz Garavaglia and I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 12. I am now 18 and have been on the pill and Spironolactone for 6 years. I would definitely recommend for your daughter to get the vaginal exam and to go on the pill if her doctor suggests it. Yes, a vaginal exam is definitely not comfortable for anyone, especially a 13 year old. But it is necessary, and if she gets it done now, it will be that much easier for her to do when she is older. From what I've read about this disease, like any disease, it is best to get it early. Someday she may want to have children, and if she can't have regular periods, as I can't, it will make it much more difficult. You will find that there are many girls her age or not much older on the pill. It reduces cramps and the symptoms of PMS. And by being on it, she will become more knowledgeable about contraception and when her friends start wondering about it, or have misconceptions, she will be able to set them straight.

But, talk to your doctor about the risks of staying on the pill for a long time, and remember that she may be young, but there's a lot of us like her.

elizabeth garavaglia
Sophomore, George Washington University

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