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Posted by Jessica R. Brown, MD on June 22, 19100 at 17:51:09:

In Reply to: ? for doc ovarian drilling posted by ivy on June 22, 19100 at 11:10:06:

Dear Ivy: When you say "nothing happened" do you mean you didn't get pregnant or did you not even ovulate? I think you further management would depend on several factors: 1- your age- if you are "older"- over 35- I would consider going relatively quickly to IVF, which wouuld probably give the best chance of pregnancy in the shortest time. 2- Have you been ovulating? If not, you need to be given something to induce ovulation: a higher dose of clomiphene, injectable gonadotropins if clomoiphene was unsuccessful, or perhaps a trial of an insulin sensitizer such as metformin. 3- You are correct that scar tissue (adhesions) can form after either wedge resection or laparoscopic ovarian drilling. If you have been ovulating but not conceiving then an HSG can be done- and your husband should also do a semen analysis- even if it was normal in 1999. Good luck!

: I had ovarian drilling march of 99 and then was put on
: clomid and nothing happened. How many times should you
: get ovarian drilling? What if I got ovarian drilling
: and started with injectables? Would that help? If the
: wedge works, why dont they do it anymore, adhesions?
: but your ovaries are covered with cysts anyway?

: thanks
: ivy

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