Do I have PCOS?

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Posted by Ang on June 21, 19100 at 14:50:42:

I just discovered this board while searching,and so far it's great!! Maybe one of the doctors can help, if not, maybe one of you can shed some light on this for me.

I am 39 yo, and mother of 2 teens. Started mens. at age 11, had first child at 20.

Started symptom of hair thinning then. I had super curly/wavy hair, after first child my hair began to thin. After my second child, I lost all body and texture (my hair is stick straight!)

After the birth of my son 17 years ago, I began having breast discharge (I breastfed for approx. 1 wk)which I attributed to childbirth/hormones. My ob/gyn told me to stop stimulating/expressing nipples and the discharge would cease-it never did. Six years later he sent me to a breast surgeon who gave me a mammo. and diagnosed me with having galactorrhea. Nothing was given to me then because I was too young.

Shortly thereafter I stopped having a period for 6 months. Finally, my ob/gyn prescribed Provera, and I did resume having normal periods. Everything seems normal, but I still have galactorrhea, and approx. 2 years ago I began having pain in my left ovary/groin area every month. This pain comes like clockwork, EXACTLY 17 days after the first day of my last period and last for 3 days only. My monthly periods are normal although they last only 3 days. Doctor said maybe a cyst, maybe start of endo., but was not really concerned. Time for a second opinion, I think!

Over the past 2 years I've noticed slight hair growth on/underneath my chin, and my eyebrows need waxing more often, slight acne (which I never had before), mood swings and depression.

A year and a half ago I became pregnant, and at 6-7 wks began bleeding. Pregnancy test STILL showed positive result, but ultrasound showed no signs of pregnancy. Doctor wanted me to wait another 5 days and repeat, but I never did, too scared!! Normal periods resumed, and here I am wondering if I have PCOS. Also, if there is a doctor in CT( Fairfield County) that you can recommend.

I realize that this post is very long, but figured you needed all the facts before you replied. Keep up the good work, this message board is such a comfort!

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