Prolactin and PCOS diagnosis?

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Posted by on June 19, 19100 at 03:40:39:

My daughter has irregular painful periods and suddenly (in 7 weeks) put on 17 kilos. Her GP gave her an ultrasound which showed polycistic ovaries. She diagnosed PCOS and prescribed the pill only. After researching on the Webb we requested an appointment with a Reproductive Endocinologist (in Australia)who agreed only to test her GTT not IGTT and did a hormone test. The glucose came back normal and all hormones were within normal limits except the Prolactin which was high (I'm not sure of the reading but will now request it) The RE doctor said because of these results she has polycystic ovaries but not PCOS. My daughter has put herself on a strict low carb diet for 6 weeks now and after an initial loss of 3 kilos in the first week has stablised but not lost any more of the original 17 kilos. We have now found a GP who has agreed to send her for a IGTT and GTT and she is currently loading her carbs for 72 hours in prep for the test on Thursday. I have found on this forum the comment that the hight prolactin can be the cause of PCOS. I do not understand this as all the PCOS articles only seem to site insulin as the problem. If you have high prolactin and normal insulin resistance what treatment do you use. Thank you for any clarification and advise you can give. - Gayle

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