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: I have recently been disgnosed with PCOS. My gyn doc has put me on birth control pills to help regulate my cycles.(levlin) (last one was for 9 weeks). Beside the birth control, he has not suggested any other medications. I have bad pain in my left side and the bith control is not stopping the cycles any longer. I genereally go two weeks on, two weeks off. I have taken the blood tests and teh ultrasound shows both sides effected. I am not diabetic. I am looking to have more children, I have two already, so the infertility issue is not an issue with me. I am always tired , and have been gaining weight. I am 5'7" and 175 lbs. I do not have excessive hair growth, but feel my hair is falling out.Last year a doctor diagnosed me with Graves disease, did the samne tests this year and another doc says I do not have this. I am not sure where to go from here. I feel something more should be done, than just the birth control. Your advise would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance, Michelle

I would suggest that you see a specialist in reproductive endocrinology to hgelp you sort out these problems and to help you. You clearly describe many classic symptoms of PCOS and treatment at times can be very helpful but may be difficult

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