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Posted by on February 23, 19100 at 00:01:31:

I just finished reading the article in LHJ on PCOS and would like to ask some questions as this is a new condition to me. Would the hormone imbalances caused by the insulin fluctuations and the imbalance of the male hormones cause other symptoms. I ask for my 23 and 24 yr old daughters who have some of these symptoms. Would characteristics of huge mood swings be caused by PCOS. My 23 yr old is at the present time pregnant but, was in an active relationship using no birth control and didn't get pregnant for 3 years. She often has huge mood swings (beyond the normal pregnant swings). Her acne is prominant during pregnancy and her complextion becomes completely blotched. She has been vaguely treated for depression symptoms (RX given but, it made her sleep all of the time). The excessive hair growth and blood sugar fluctions seem to perhaps suggest this is a road she should persue. I am in the St. Louis area. Could you please respond as to who in this area may specialize in PCOS or perhaps you may have other suggestions that we may look into. My daughter has often complained of a hormone imbalance due to these symptoms but, doctors don't seem to want to listen other that to prescribe for depression. Her maternal grandmother is taking glucopage for adult onset diabetes. Could this perhaps have been in our genes all along and never diagnosed???? Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. CMAC

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