For MD: DIAGNOSIS----3 opinions, what is it?????????????

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Posted by on June 17, 19100 at 23:59:21:

I need to find a good doctor. I have had 3 diagnoses from 3 different doctors. Symptoms: weight gain, hirsutism, cysts on ovaries, high LH to FSH ratio and high DHEA. Also have dark patches of skin on my inner thigh area. Testosterone was in the normal range, prolactin--normal. The gyn doc said I have PCOS. I got a second opinion from an RE. He said I have PCOS and maybe a thyroid problem, sent me to another doc. The medical endocrinologist so far thinks I have neither PCOS, IR, or thyroid problems---he thinks it might be Adrenal Hyperplasia, and he ordered more blood work!!! I was taking Demulen 35, Metformin and Spironolactone and NOT feeling well at all, so I quit all meds for now. I am scared. I want to know what I have and what to do. I do not want to take meds that will make me gain weight. If it is CAH, can I take something besides dexamethasone? Does it sound like PCOS or CAH or both or something else? My periods come about every 35 days, but I don't know if I ovulate or not. I am tired a lot. Please help!

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