Re: PCOS It seems to run the family?

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Posted by on May 24, 19100 at 06:46:29:

In Reply to: PCOS It seems to run the family? posted by Mary Saunders on May 14, 19100 at 01:21:46:

PCOS certainly has some genetic component, although the exact genetic mechanism has not been clearly defined. As many as 50% of mothers and sisters of PCOS women are similarly affected. However, your physician should also exclude congenital adrenal hyperplasia, a condition where the adrenal glands produce excessive amounts of male hormones. This too runs in families. Best of luck.
: I have 5 children ,4 of them are girls all the girls seem to have this PCOS condion
: they all have had ovarion sics .My oldest girl had to have a hist. at 24yr. no.2 daughter
: she doesn't have it as bad as my no.3 and 4. They always problems with their every 3to 6mo. if then .
: No. 4 girl has had sics. taken off birthcontrol pills don't seem to help bleeding through or bleeding often and
: alot with clots. Makes her weak and she gets anemia easly had to have 2pt. of blood in 98 it got so bad . Her doctor
: that was treating her won't let her work till this is cleared up. They quite seeing her because she has no pay
: for this the bills are unreal she went DHS. for help but they told shes one of those that fall through the cracks.
: But the county is trying to help. But the some of the other doctors she has seen want do a hist. But she is only 20yr.
: We live in OKLa HELP! A concerned Mother

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