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Posted by on May 15, 19100 at 16:37:57:

In Reply to: Is this a progressive disease? posted by Michelle on May 12, 19100 at 23:44:53:

: I am 30 years old and have two children and have used no birth control in five years. We have been intently trying for the last year and a half to have another child. In addition I have gone to my doctor multiple times about regular but spotty unusual periods, frequent bouts of vaginitis(I don't know if this is related), an inability to loose weight no matter how much dieting and exercise I do. I am not obese, only about 10 to 15 pounds overweight. It simply won't budge and is distressful as it seems to all be in the form of cellulite. I have always been what I considered too hairy. Hairy arms, leg hair that is dark course and grows like crazy. After my first child I developed chin hairs but not a beard just about 10 or 12 that I tweeze and pubic hair that I think exceeds normal boundries. I was given thyroid tests and told it was normal and I must be eating too much. I was given gynecological exams and told I was fine just keep trying to get pregnant... Finally I had a GYN tell me after a blood test that I had PCOS. She said that it was mild described it as severe cases show an imbalance of the chemicals produced by the brain as 5 to 1 and mine was only 2 to 1.
: My questions are is a blood test enough to diagnose and Is this going to get worse? If my imbalance is mild now can it get severe later? I am on chlomid now and got pregnant but immediately miscarried. Did the PCOS contribute to my miscarriage? I am very confused and very upset. Can you help?


I just wanted to say that I am 28 years old and I have exactly the same problems as you (slightly overweight, hair on my legs that grows back faster than I can shave it etc..)When I read your posting it felt like I was reading something I could of written about myself. I also had a miscarriage and the second time around had to take progesterone in order to sustain my pregnancy. Miscarraige can be an unfortunate result of PCOS. My symptoms did progress as I got older from my teen years until now however, it does not mean that yours will. Everyone is different with this disease. Feel free to e-mail me if you ever need some support or want to share stories.

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