HELP!!! Very Frustrated

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Posted by on May 12, 19100 at 15:33:10:

After have my two sons I could never get pregnant again. I was referred to a fertility specialist who ran only a blood test told me I had PCOS. He really didn't explain what it was but wanted to put me on Rezulin but because of the risks, I decided not to. Meanwhile my periods were very irregular (would go three months without one or even had some that lasted 16 to 27 days long). Never thought much more about it until I read in Women's Day magazine article and realized I needed to have this taken care of soon. So I went to another new doctor (obgyn) she kind of smirked when I mentioned the article and just said she would put me on birthcontrol if I didn't want to get pregnant and clomid if I did. I had already been on clomid and at the maximum dose it didn't work any more like it had before. So I guess what I want to know...How do you find a doctor that will actually listen to you and do the proper tests. According to everything I have read putting people on birth control will not solve the problem. Plus, without proper tests I am wondering if that is really what is wrong with me even though I do have all the symptoms. No one seems to know any doctors in my area that takes this seriously and I can't keep going doctor to doctor adding to my bills. Any ideas? Thank you for your time. Sincerely Jenn

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