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Posted by on April 22, 19100 at 09:59:41:

In Reply to: Dr. Spandorfer/PCOS posted by Mara on April 19, 19100 at 18:20:00:

: Is it possible that I could have had PCOS when I was younger and then it went away? I am 40 and just had my fertility work-up. My RE says that I don't have PCOS, but I have had excess hair and when I was younger had very irregular periods. In my old age, however, I seem to have more regular cycles, albeit long ones (40 days) and also light bleeding. I am also thin so I am a bit confused. What would be other causes for excess hair, if my RE is completely convinced that I don't have PCOS? Should I be more persistent with him to dig in further? Thank you in advance for your response. Regards.

PCOS usually refers to irregular cycles (no ovulation) and increased androgens (hormones that can produce excess hair). cycles can and do clearly change as one gets older. I would suggest that you have your RE proceed with a workup for the excess hair. Sometimes a cause can be found and even if not, a treatment plan can be implemented. For some, excess hair may be purely genetic. Try to have your RE clear your confusion.

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