Is this PCOS? Could a doctor respond?

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Posted by on April 05, 19100 at 14:36:05:

I think I may have PCOS. I am 25 and went of the pill 1 yr ago after starting the pill in 1995 due to heavy and frequent periods. Prior to that, I had pretty regular periods but excercized ALOT!Since going off the pill I have had only 5 periods about 2 months apart. I have gained 15 lbs pretty quickly and mostly in the tummy area ( I look about 2-3 mos pregnant). I also have small pimples on my cheeks where I NEVER had acne in high school and many pimples on my back. I have always had a few coarse black hairs (I am light haired) on my chin. My doctor has prescribed CLOMID 50 mg which I haven't started taking yet because I haven't gotten my period and heard that Provera can cause heart problems in babies so I am trying to wait to get my period on my own. He never mentioned PCOS. Here are my questions: Do I have PCOS? What % of PCOS patients ovulate with Clomid? If I go on a low carb, no sugar diet and exercise will I get regular on my own? Should I start the provera to induce my period or wait until it comes on it's own? Please help me. I would really like to try to get pregnant but don't want to get my hopes up if I am in for a long battle.

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