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Posted by on March 24, 19100 at 01:57:37:

Having just read the article in LHJ about PCOS I was very surprised to learn about all the health problems related to PCOS. Here is a brief history of my PCOS:
I began taking the birth control pill at the age of 16 to 'regulate' my sporadic and heavy periods.
At 21 came off the pill and couldnt get pregnant, finally after a series of tests and 4months of taking clomid I gave birth to my son at the age of 24. ( 4mos into the pregnancy I had an ovarian cyst removed the size of a tangerine, baby fine, ovary intact) Periods very eratic after.
At 27 gave birth to twins (after 4 or 5 mos of clomid) then big surprise, 18mos later gave birth to my daughter , with no periods inbetween pregnancies.
Then my periods remained eratic and extreemly heavy and very long sometimes lasting up to 5 weeks.
After many D&C's, birth control pills etc, etc I had a hysterectomy at 31. Ovaries still intact.
The doctor informed me for the first time that I had PCOS, endometiosis and fibroids.
I am now 37, fit and healthy, the not overweight (105lbs and 5ft 1in) however, I have upperlip and chin hair, a bit of acne on my upper back, my cholesterol was at 256 (last tested 3 years ago) I have had an increased number of vaginal yeast infections and also in the past year my libido has decreased dramatically.
Do you think that any of these problems are related to the PCOS? and if so what can I do?
Please inform me of any other conditions that I need to be aware of.
Thank you Paula

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