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By way of background, we have been trying for more than three years to have a successful pregnancy. After m/c No. 2, we decided to begin some research on adoption. After reading a few books, searching the net, talking to everyone I knew who had adopted and reviewing many information packets, we gravitated toward the Family & Children's Agency in Norwalk, CT (in CT, you have to work through an agency). When it comes right down to it, I chose FCA because my "gut" told me they were good. I liked the presentation and tone of the materials they sent. And, since my gut rarely leads me astray, we decided to give FCA a try.

We attended our first orientation session at FCA in December 1999. I cried all the way there! Once I got there, though, I was glad. I left there knowing that no matter what, we could have a baby.

Task No. 1 was tackling the application. I think that's the hardest part. We had to find and then compile tons of paperwork, as well as write detailed essays. It was a real pain, but I found that I learned a lot about myself (and my husband) along the way. And once it's done, it's done. It took us six months and a third m/c (after an IVF cycle!) to finally finish and submit the application. From there, we were off to the races.

We began by pursuing a U.S. adoption, but switched to Korea after learning about that program. It's fast, the babies are young (about 5 months old)and healthy, and the program is very well run.

Now, we're in the waiting process. We should receive our assignment/referral in about a month! Once we accept it, the baby will be ready for us in 2-3 months! We plan to go to Korea to bring our little sweetie home.

I hope this helps. Feel free to e-mail me with other questions. -- MJK

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