Pamela: The focus tonight is nutrition and pcos.
hopie: I'm from Tennessee
susan: Hopie, No I haven't what is it close to?
Pamela: Welcome Martham!!
martham: Anne - this is a test - are you getting this? And yes - the topic is diet and pcos
hopie: Susan - Lancaster.
Mariana: Hi everyone!
martham: Thanks Pamela
susan: Hopie, I am just 40 minutes from Lancaster. Your family is very close to me.
Mariana: Do we all have PCOS? Do we all want to lose weight, but can't?
hopie: Susan - I am always hearing my grandmother talk about Reading
hopie: Mariana - Yes
Pamela: Since Martham is here. We can start. Does anyone have any questions for martham?
Mariana: Susan, where are you located?
susan: Hopie, Yes, Reading is big for outlets and shopping. Many people talk about it for that reason.
martham: Welcome everyone - does anyone hve any specific questions to start with?
susan: Mariana, In Reading, are you familiar with the area?
martham: Hi Ellen
hopie: Martham - Is it good to go on a high-protien diet, low-carb while trying to conceive?
Pamela: This is Pam's Hubby - For Martha - When dieting, is drinking decaffeinated diet soda an equivalent for drinking water ?
lpk: How much low carbing is sufficient to make a difference in pco symptoms ie ovulation and what is considered low carb enough
Mariana: Susan, I don't know where it is... I'm about 30 miles east of L.A.
martham: Yes it is ok as long as you are not ketosis. You need to have at least 60 grams of carbs and test your urine for ketosis
Ellen: Hi. Ellen Bender, one of AIA's PCOS Center Volunteers. I wanted to welcome Martha McKittrick, our guest moderator. Martha is a nutritionist here in NYC with a particular interest in PCOS. She is not a reproductive endocrinologist or medical endocrinologist so save your medical questions for our PCOS message board or our next chat. Thanks.
Anne: Is everyone still here? I've never been to a chat like this. Do I just wait?
martham: lpk - this is not really known. Everyone is different. I would start woth 120 grams of carbs and work downward if you can
hopie: Don't mean to sound stupid, how do I check my urine for ketosis?
susan: Mariana, I have family in Yorba Linda
Mariana: Martham, first, I would like to thank you for taking the time to chat with us... I was wondering, I have always had a hard time losing weight, and I have found that taking a diet aid like Metabolife really helps. I know that the ephedrine in it is bad, but what else can I try?
Pamela: Anne, just chime in...but you may have to repost your question if it get's busy...
Pamela: William enters to thundering applause!
cwild: Is there anything specific I should be eating that will eliminate the symptoms of PCOS?
martham: I am not thrilled with metabolife. Hve you tried to really focus on exercise and portion control along with low carbs?
William: **waving**...just got back, this is Shelton's 39th birthday (the second of many 39th birthdays hahaha)...
Anne: What is a low carbo diet? I've always been on low-protein diets
Ellen: In terms of trying to conceive on a low carb diet, I'm not a doctor but I can report from my own experience that when I conceived my daughter three plus years ago, I was following a relatively low carb, high protein diet. Moderation is the key. I don't know that I would go on the Atkins Induction diet (the most extreme form of Atkins) but a modified low carb diet is probably fine. Ellen
martham: cwild - no therre is nothing specific that will help. Exercise, losing weight and low carbs will help insulin insensitivity
Colynn: William, so you have a pencil I can borrow?
William: thanks Pam..*smile* for thunderous applause, I'll wait for when we chat on the phone next *grin*
Pamela: Martha....I find snacking on high protein diets very hard...any suggestions?
Mariana: Martham, I guess I mean to say that Metabolife is the only thing I have found that "controls my appetite and cravings". Why do I only want what I can't have?
martham: Anne, low carb is about 40% or less of your calories coming frm carbs therefore you will be eating more protein and fat.
William: **handing Colynn an invisible pencil**
martham: Mariana - I have heard the same thing from several of my pcos clients! I wish I had a healthier alternative to recommend!
Anne: This might be "out there" but is there a cure for PCOS?
Pamela: what is metabolic???
Ellen: There are studies that show that a weight loss of as little as 5 to 10% of body weight will improve PCOS symptoms and actually result in ovulation. So weight loss is not just a cosmetic issue for those of us with PCOS. Ellen
martham: Annie - That is more of a ? to ask your doctor!
martham: Annie - That is more of a ? to ask your doctor!
hopie: Should one with PCOS consult a nutrionist/dietian to have a healthly low-carb, high-protien diet setup.
Anne: I guess I'm waiting for the answer I want to hear! like a cure, not the pill!
Ellen: Unfortunately, at the moment, there is no known "cure" for PCOS. As I noted earlier, weight loss can improve symptoms and result in ovulation. And there are now insulin sensitizing medications that seem to ameliorate many of the symptoms and some new drugs in the research pipeline. There is also some very interesting research with respect to genetics.
martham: Pamela - It is a supplement which contains ephedra and caffeine and SUPPOSEDLY speeds metabolism and burns fat. It has not been proven t work (though many people claim it does) - however it can be dangerous
Pamela: Thanks Martha...I guess that I won't be taking that!
Colynn: Ok, let's see if I understand...3 years ago when I last underwent treatment for infertility I was at a very good weight. Now that I'm 50 lbs heavier, I will probably have a more difficult time with ovulation treatment?
Ellen: On the subject of low carb snacks, Martha gave me some very helpful tips including soy nuts, soy cheese, soy nut butter or peanut butter on a high fiber cracker. Ellen
martham: Hopie - that is a good idea as this needs to be a long term diet and you want to make sure that it is as healthy as possible
Pamela: colynn, yes, it may be more difficult. You may also require more medication because of you body weight.
Anne: What kind of diet plan do you suggest besides just saying low-carbo? It's hard for me to grasp because I'm used to doing the oposite!
Mariana: Pamela, it is dangerous. When I took it, it really worked. But I became addicted and had a really hard time getting off it. I guess I'm just looking for the "miracle", like everyone else. :-)
Pamela: Which high fiber crackers do you recommend? Yes, I am obsessed with my snacks!
martham: Ellen - that is right - soy is fairly low in carbs and loaded with disease fighting chemicals. Soy nuts are a great snack
martham: Pamela - wasa are high in fiber. Are you always combining carbs and fat and or protein?
Mariana: Why do I have an aversion to anything with the word "soy" in it, and I have never even tried it. I guess I'm afraid of anything "healthy". Please, someone, tell me that soy tastes good.
Ellen: Colynn: Again, I'm not a doctor but I am aware of studies that show that clomid, for example, is not as effective on overweight women. That doesn't mean that it won't work for you. But again, if you're 50 lbs overweight, a weight loss of 5 to 10 pounds might trigger ovulation. Ellen
Rebecca: I currently take vitamins and some herbs to lower my moderately high blood pressure. I am also undergoing fertility treatment. I am hoping to lower my blood pressure so that I can have an problem free pregnancy. When I do get pregnant, can I continue taking vitamins and herbs?
Pamela: I would like to combine a wasa with smoked salmon or cheese. Isn't that a combination fat and proteim??!! Does it matter?
Rosina: I was diagnosised with PCO but am thin should I still consider a low carb diet
Pamela: There are so really good soy products. If you have a good health food store by you, there are some flavored soy products that are very tasty...they are seasoned....
Anne: I had to take 5x the regular dose of Clomid and a steriod to get prego. But it worked!!
corey: What do you guys think about Atkins bars? They have no carbs but have 15 grams of fat each. Is that ok for pcos?
martham: Anne - I know! Basically, you should avoid sweets (except for that special osccasion) and eat whole grain carbs in moderation - no more that 3/4 cup maximum at each meal. Make sure that you add some protein (eggs, fish, lean meat, skinless poultry, cottage cheese, etc) and a little healthy fat like a few nuts, peanut butter, olive oil to each meal. You do not want to be eating a big plate of low fat pasta. Small meals with snacks in between and combine protein and fat with the carb
Ellen: Soy nuts are quite yummy as is soy nut butter. Also, one of my favorite foods in the entire world are edamame, soy beans in the pod. You can get them in the frozen food section of health food stores and some regular supermarkets. I'm not wild about soy cheese. On occasion, if I'm feeling hungry in the middle of the afternoon, I'll grab a slice of 2% American cheese. Better than a pretzel. Ellen
martham: Corey, Atkins bars are great for pcos
Pamela: I should warn everyone about Corey! She called me one morning all excited because she found this really yummy way to eat the bars...she melts them!! Sometimes, it is so sad, when this is what gets us excited!!!! LOL : )
Anna: I have PCO and I am trying to improve my lining for a FET cycle. Are there dietary things I can do?
martham: Rosina - yea I still would recommend a lower carb diet as you probably have some insulin resistance going on
Anna: Soy milk is good too, there is one called Soy dream that tastes great
Colynn: So, basically, I should ditch the 5lbs of chocolate Easter candy. LOL
Mariana: Martham, what do you think of the Carbohydrate Addicts Diet?
Anna: Are their any PCO's out there who have gone through IVF?
martham: Anna - nothing specific that I know of aside from the standard recommendations that I am giving. Do you follow a lower carb diet?
Ellen: Oh yes, protein bars. I find them to be an invaluable supplement for days where I don't have time to cook breakfast (often with a 2 year old)or if I'm going to be somewhere with a continental breakfast (pastries and bagels). The Atkins bars have a weird aftertaste. But there are a number of others on the market. You need to check the ingredients. Some are made with unhealthy oils, etc.
martham: Has anyone checked out the website
LOW-CARB.COM (Or It has some good low carb products
Rebecca: Did you see my question re: vitamins, herbs, and pregnancy? Or should I repost?
Anna: Martham, I try to eat healthy. I do not have a weight issue. Its just that I don't ovulate all the time and like I said I seem to be having a lining problem.
Ellen: Colynn: I did IVF (unsuccessfully) a few years ago and may be doing it again. The April AIA newsletter has an interesting article about an IVF protocol specifically for women with PCOS. It's by Dr. Steven Spandorfer and Dr. Zev Rosenwaks of Cornell's IVF program.
martham: Rebecca - I scrolled down and could not find your ?
Anna: Low carbs huh, I eat a can of tuna everyday for lunch...
Anna: what is the reason for low carbs for PCO? TO keep blood sugar steady?
Ellen: Rebecca: I'm not sure that your question is one for Martha. You probably need to talk to an OB about which vitamins and herbs are okay to take during pregnancy. Ellen
martham: Anna, have you been told that you have insulin resistance (thin women have this as well)? Most women with pcos have IR. If you do, then you should follow a lower carb diet. Nothing fanatical!
Rebecca: I am currently taking vitamins and herbs to lower my moderately high blood pressure. I am also undergoing fertility treament. I am hoping to keep my blood pressure ok since I had elevated blood pressure during my last pregnancy. When I get pregnant can I continue taking vitamins and herbs? Thank you
Anna: Ellen, AIA? I'd like to read that article. Can you tell me where?
martham: Rebecca - although I did not see your question, some herbs can be very dangerous in pregnancy. I would definitely discuss this with your MD
Rosina: Anna, I am starting my 1st IVF cycle but do know someone that has PCO and got pg after the 3rd IVF
hopie: Martham - I have insulin resistance and overweight. I am on 1700 mg of glucophage daily. Will I have to take glucophage even when I am not ttc
Rebecca: Thank you
Anna: Martham, I have not been formally diagnosed, however I have all the symptoms. I do get the "shakes" if I don't eat every four hours.
Ellen: Low carbs and PCOS. As you probably know, researchers are now looking at insulin, and insulin insensitivity as a possible cause of PCOS. Many (but not all) women with PCOS are insulin resistant. Even some lean women with PCOS have been shown to have insulin resistance. The low carb/high protein diets target high insulin and, at least theoretically (to my knowlege, there have been no published research studies yet) should be beneficial for women with PCOS. Ellen
Anna: Rosina, I have already gone through IVF (actually for male factor). Because of what I would call mild PSC, I produced 42 eggs! Unfortunately I hyperstimed and was not able to transfer
martham: Anna, the purpose for a low carb diet is prevent high rises in blood glucose which triggers release of insulin. Women with pcos tend to be insulin resistant which means that the insulin does not effectivly clear sugar out of the blood, therefore more and more insulin is releasedd. Excess insulin is what causes a lot of the problems in pcos. So if you eat less carbs. the sugar will not go as high so less insulin will be released.
corey: Pamela, do we dare tell everyone about Atkins cheese cakes? They save my life. On a serious note, pcos women can and very very often do respond beautifully to the right IVF protocol. You MUST see a doc who understands Pcos, because the fear is hyperstimulation. And of course age is always a factor.
Anne: How many grams of carbo should I be getting day for weight loss and to help with the symtoms of PSOS?
Mariana: Any opinion on the Carbohydrate Addicts Diet?
Pamela: Corey, they will begin to talk about us, but yes, please share the secret cheese cake recipe!
Anna: Martham, because of this insulan resistance do PSO women have a higher rate of diabeties?
martham: Anna, that sounds like you might benefit from a lower carb diet. Especially the white or refined carbs. Focus more on higher fiber or whole grain carbs and include protein or fat at each meal or snack. Make sure that you have small snacks in between meals
Ellen: The IVF and PCOS article is in the April issue of the American Infertility Association (AIA)newsletter. Dr. Spandorfer, one of the authors of the article, is one of the physician moderators of the AIA PCOS Message Board. Essentially, the protocol involves taking birth control pills, then lupron, then gonadotropins (pergonal, etc.) Ellen
martham: Anna - yes
Rosina: Anna, 42eggs WOW!!!
nick527: Hi everyone, Jeanine Furco here. Hi Ellen, has Beth logged on yet?
Ellen: Women with PCOS have a much higher rate of Type II diabetes than their non PCOS counterparts. Check out the articles on the AIA PCOS Center site by Dr. Daniel Stein and my summary of the 1999 AIA PCOS Conference for the exact statistics. Ellen
Anna: I have been trying to stay away from the processed white flour stuff. I find it unbelievable that you cannot buy bread in a normal supermarket that doesn't have bleached flour!
martham: Mariana, it works for some people - but not everyone. Personally, I think that it is better to include a little carb at each meal rather than "pigging out" at one meal - but if it works for you - then keep it up!
Anna: Is there anything PSO women can do to lower their chances of diabeties besides low carbs?
martham: Anne - since I do not know your caloric needs, I would estimate between 70 - 100 grams
Ellen: Rachael Heller, one of the authors of the Carbohydrate Addicts Diet, has PCOS herself. She spoke at the 1999 AIA PCOS Conference and was quite inspirational. I have had success on the CAD because I like having a meal where I can feel free to have dessert but others have found it hard to be disciplined on the plan. Ellen
Anna: Rosina...YES WOW!
Ellen: Hi Jeanine. Glad you could make it. I don't know where Beth is. I tried calling her earlier but no answer. Ellen
hopie: I am currently ttc and on 1700 mg of Glucophage daily. Will have to continue to be on the Glucophage when I am not try to conceive?
Anna: How much carbs are too much? Is it ok to eat a little carbs with all meals (ie bread tuna samwich, or pasta with crabmeat for dinner?)
martham: Anna - exercise is KEY in helping reduce insulin resistance. So is weight loss. Both of these will help reduce risk of diabetes
Mariana: Thanx Ellen, I just started the CAD and it helps to know that one of the authors actually has PCOS....I'll stay with it. I just have a problem with cooking vs. eating out... It can make it all very hard.
Rosina: I tried to change my diet and was eating more fruits and veggies but someone told me that they are also carbs.(i.e. squash, apples,...)So what's left?
martham: Hopie - possibly - obviously your doctor will know much better than me!
Pamela: Talking about exercise. How much is enough. I am hearing now that we should be exercising for half an hour, five times a week, and burning 200 calories during the work out if the work out is going to make a difference in our lives...any comments?
Anna: Martham, I do exercise regularly and I am actually thinner than average. I always thought that my strange blood sugar was what kept me thin...although I do take care of myself I am natually thinner...
Ellen: To lower your risk for diabetes, diet and exercise are really your best bet. Again, the insulin sensitizing medications like metfomin (glucophage) are an important option but metformin is not yet FDA approved for non-diabetic women with PCOS. There is a very promising new drug in the research pipeline -- INS-1 or d-chiro-inositol. It is being developed by Insmed Pharmaceuticals and is still in the clinical trial stage but the research studies are very promising. Ellen
nick527: Jeanine-
I am on CAD and have lost 14 pounds since the 3rd week in February. I have been pretty "good" and have not exercised a bit, yet.
lpk: I find that in low carbing I tend to eat a great deal of salads lunch and dinner with a meat or poultry. Is this ok? I worry that I am not getting enough nutrients or something. I have lost some wieght this way and with the metformin actually ovulated for the first time.
martham: Sorry - it is taking my computor forever to post these answers!!!
Anne - I would recommend that you get a carb counting book and try not to have more that 35 grams maximum of carbs at each meal. That would be 2 slices of bread at lunch and 1 cup of pasta a dinner - but then no more carbs at either meal
martham: lpk, that sounds great!
nick527: Ellen,
I was on Metformin 1000 mg a day for only 3 weeks and had to go off it. Dr. Lobo said it was not for me. My GP put me on it. I had horrible lower GI problems, nausea, etc. I am borderline IR for an overweight pcoer. Jeanine
William: martham, if your computer is lagging you can try "clearing your cache"...I use Netscape and the cache is in the "edit-preferences-advanced-cache" section of the pulldown menus.
martham: Anna - your "thinness" is probably genetic - unless you are eating a low amount of calories. Your blood sugar will not keep you thin
Ellen: We all struggle with eating out vs. cooking (or, in my case, ordering) in. I find that a good lunch for low carbing is a big tossed salad with some other nutritious but relatively low carb veggies like broccoli and either grilled chicken or salmon or tuna. (Salmon and tuna are good sources of Omega 3 fatty acids.) Then for dinner, a salad, a grilled piece of fish, chicken or even, on occasion, red meat and a veggie. In terms of veggies, the ones to stay away from are the starchy and sweet ones like potato, carrot,etc. One good tip that I learned from Martha is that in counting carbs, you can subtract fiber grams from the carb grams. So, for example, blueberries which are relatively high in fiber, turn out to be a good fruit to eat on a low carb diet. (I am explaining this correctly, Martha?) Ellen
Anne: I love salads. Are they typically high in carbs?
Anna: Martham, that is interesting and until now I thought that why I was thin. Very intersting
Corey: Martha, I have glaucoma. Do you think that is related to the pcos? I have high blood pressure too.
martham: Pamela - that is right! Even more exercise has been suggested - 2000 calories/week - which comes out to be 250 calories a day. But you can walk 10 minutes in am, 10 minutes at lunch and 10 minutes at might - as long as it is brisk
Ellen: On the thin question, they did a study comparing three populations of women with PCOS. North American women from LA, Italian women and Japanese women. The Japanese women were the leanest (and least hairy) but they still had higher than normal insulin levels. Ellen
Mariana: Ellen, Thanx so much for the tips on meals, I am open to all ideas, I can really use them.
martham: Anne - salads are fairly low in carbs unless you are adding beans or a lot of carrot or beets.
Anna: Do other PCO women get the "shakes" if you don't eat on a regular basis...or feel shakey after eating too much carbs?
martham: Corey, I do not think so. It may have something to do with your HTN - but I am not sure
Pamela: I do actually feel better, it is just the s
"starting" that is hard...once you get into it, you can become an addict. I am managing the half hour on the tread mill.I go for the five days. But sometimes, it is really hard to get there.
Anne: Speaking of hair....does a low carbo diet help with that very unwanted hair?
nick527: Martham, I do CAD and dont eat any carbs all day until my "reward meal" and then I have whatever I want. It seems to work for me. 14 pounds down since end of Feb. I have not been good the past few days, and boy does it affect me immediately. I feel tired and bloated. Jeanine
Anna: Beans are carbs? I thought they were protein?
Ellen: Green salads themselves shouldn't be high in carbs. It depends on what you put in them. I go to this great salad place here in NYC called Tossed where they will put everything but the kitchen sink into the salad if you ask them. I ask them to hold the high carb ingredients like sun dried cherries and to add things like broccoli, cauliflower, etc. Ellen
Pamela: Ellen, can I come live with you???? : )
Mariana: Anna, I don't feel really "shakey" . I just get really moody and b*(&&#y! I have a hard time coping if I don't get some food, and other people have a hard time coping with me(especially my husband, poor thing) LOL
martham: Anna, I think the shakes are fairly common especially if you are taking metformin. That is why it is so important to eat 3 small meals that include protein and fat as well as a few snacks in between
Ellen: I love trading low carb tips so feel free to post on the AIA PCOS Message Board with any of yours and I'll add any of mine. Ellen
William: Pam, Shelton is going to run a marathon in November :o)
Anne: Beans like garbanzo and kidney are high in carbo? I thought they were suppose to be good source of protein
Anna: I wonder is my "shakes" even have anything to do with the PCO. I had assumed that it did because I figured it was my blood sugar dropping to quickly.
Ellen: Pam: I'm not sure that you would really want to. You'd be taking orders from the queen all day long too. Ellen
martham: Mariane - you are right - these are other symptoms of low blod sugar - irritability and difficulting concentrating
Anna: Martham, I don't take metforam
Pamela: Okay, here is my secret snack. I take farmer cheese and put nutra sweet on it and put it under the broiler. It melts. It is a make believe cheese cake kind of thing. I have it as a snack or breakfast.
Ellen: Jeanine: Congratulations on the weight loss. I also went off my low carb diet during Passover (all that matzoh!!) and felt sluggish. After the first three days of eating low carb, I felt so great. I hope I can get back into it soon. Ellen
Anne: Did you see my question about hair growth and diet? Will following a low carbo diet help my hairy chin?
Corey: What other fruits are high in fiber and balance out carbs? strawberries maybe?
Mariana: Martham, thank you for clarifying that... I really thought that my "fat" body just needed some food to maintain my "fat" figure. When I get that way, what is the best thing to eat?
Anna: Yea, what about that hair...will low carbs help?
Rosina: I have gotten the shakes with feeling very warm and start to sweat, I never thought it would have to do with PCO but the more I'm reading I can't believe how much diet had to do with this. Pretty ignorant on my part I guess.
Pamela: Anne, I doubt that it will help your chin. Sorry!
Jessia: Berries and canteloupe are good fruit selections.
martham: Anne, they ar every healthy - but do contain a fair amount of carbs. Check out the food label (about 15 grams of carbs per 1/3 cup) Make sure that you subtract the grams of fiber from the total amount of carbs. For example - 15 grams - 5 grams of fiber = 10 grams of carbs. Beans are loaded with nutrients and fiber as well
Anna: Rosina, yep I get "hot" too. I find that if I eat a lot of sugar or carbs...later I get the shakes worse
martham: Mariana, Your best bet is to avoid these lows. Plan a healthy afternoon snack such as a little cottage cheese and berries or if you are on the run - grab a protein bar
Ellen: Anne: In my case, there may be slightly less hair growth when I'm on a low carb diet but I really can't say for sure. Again, there are no studies out there on this issue so it's all anecdotal. There is a new topical medication coming out in the next several months that is supposed to help with the hair issue. In the meantime, spiranolactone can help to slow the hair growth (but you cannot take it while trying to conceive). Otherwise, in terms of existing hair, it's tweezing, shaving, waxing, electrolysis, laser, bleaching, none of which are pleasant as we all know. Ellen
martham: Corey, berries are very high in fiber and loaded with nutrients. Apples are high fiber too.
Anne: I'm currently taken Spironaolactron (sp?) Why not take it when trying to concieve? (I'm not trying at this time)
martham: Anne, low carbs may control the insulin levels which MAY help with the excessive hair - but no real studies have proved this!
Ellen: Martha: What about peaches and nectarines? I love them but have a sense that they are too sweet. Ellen
Mariana: Oh speaking of getting "hot". I have always had a low body temperature. When I was little, the dr. would take my tempt twice, thinking the thermometer was broken because my temp was low. I find that I am more sensitive to the heat than others. I love air conditioning. Could this have anything to do with PCOS?
martham: Ellen, peaches have more water so they have less carbs. Both are ok but be careful eith the portions. Neither are especially high in fiber
Rosina: I usually have food on me at all times. Work I have a tuperware thing with a bunch of little snacks and I carry a granola bar in my purse because I don't like that feeling and it scares me. In fact, yesterday I was out shopping with my husband and I started to feel it happening so I ate the bar and felt better, then we went home and had lunch.
Ellen: I think the reason for not taking spironolactone while trying to conceive is that it is an anti-androgen medication or has that effect and there is a concern about its effect on a developing fetus (particularly a developing male fetus.) Ellen
sandy: hi everyone
Anne: You all have made me feel so much better! Thank you for all your input!
wannakid: How does this work?
Mariana: What does everyone eat as low carb snacks? I am low on ideas
wannakid: This is my first time on this chat
Jessia: Mariana, if your body temps are always low, have your thyroid checked. Make sure they test TSH and Free T3.
lpk: I always though that when low carbing to avoid fruits? is it just a matter of which ones?
wannakid: well, I eat veggies
martham: Rosina - excellent idea! Have you tried the lowfat mini bonbel cheeses or lowfat polly o mozzarella cheese sticks?
Pamela: Mariana,
Well, i just gave out my farmer cheese idea, but olives and cheese can work....
wannakid: or string cheese
wannakid: I love the low fat string cheeses
Pamela: My problem, is that I tend to go too high fat as my reward for giving up carbs....not so good either...
Ellen: Low carb snacks: soy nuts, 2% cheese, soy nut butter on Wasa bread, peanut butter. Atkins says that you can have macadamia nuts but they are very high in fat. I also try to keep herbal tea around and find that it keeps me going until the next meal. Ellen
wannakid: I eat it with a tomato
sandy: this is my first tome here in this room is everyone talking about diet and how that effects trying to get pg
wannakid: I have started the sugar busters diet
martham: lpk , you should avoid sweets (like cakes) but you can have fruits in moderation. But if you have a serving of fruit, then you must eliminate the starch or eat only a very small portion of it. It is one or the other. It is all about making choices and making sure that you eat a protein and fat with the carb
hedie: Hi all! How is everyone tonite?
Pamela: Martha,
are you getting tired? our hour has come and you want to stay a little longer? Or does your schedule dictate our closing on time?
William: Pam, I'm logging out now, long day. But thanks again for setting up the expert chat, and thanks, martham, Ellen, and y'all, for joining us tonight!

martham: Wannakid, sugar busters has the right concept
hedie: I am supposed to be on the diabetic diet. Hard hard hard for someone that likes carbs and sweets!!
Pamela: Good Night Bill, I will try to call later.
wannakid: My only problem is that I am very inconsistant
martham: Heidi, I do sympathize with you!
lpk: Martha-thanks for all the info Bye
Mariana: I had to leave the room, did anyone have any input on my low temp dilema?
wannakid: martha, do you have any suggestions to help me from giving up?
martham: Thank you all for visiting this chat and thanks for inviting me to be here!
hedie: can anyone tell me how you get the will power to stop eating all the junk? I stopped caffine no promblem but why is the food so hard?
Ellen: I went to see Martha last week for a consultation and I will say that she suggested many more options for low carb, nutritious eating than I had figured out on my own. It was very helpful. I think the problem with staying on any of the low carb diets for a long time is boredom sets in. You need to be able to figure out how to modify it without going out of control Ellen
Pamela: Thank you Martha for your time! We hope that you can come back soon!
wannakid: heidi, I guess your problem is not ONLY your problem
Ellen: Martha: Many, many thanks for moderating our chat tonight. Ellen
Rosina: Mariana, If I remember right someone said to have your throid checked I don't know what else was said.
martham: I wish I had more time to give more detailed answers to all your questions! Maybe I will be back tyo chat again. Pamela and Ellen - thanks! And good luck to everyone
hedie: thanks wannakid. pcos sucks!!!!!!
wannakid: Thanx Martha
Pamela: Good night everyone! Please visit our message boards for medical information and on going support.