Pamela: Hi Kitty,
The chat will start in five minutes.
kitty: hi pamela
Pamela: Kitty, are you a member of aia or did you just hear about us? How did you learn about the chat?
kitty: Pamela,
No, I just found this sight 2 nights ago. I wrote Ellen about finding a dr. in Atlanta and she invited me to attend tonight
kitty: Guess it should be site, sorry
desi5568: Thank you everyone for signing on. I am Dr Daniel Stein, a reproductive endocrinologist at Manhattan's St Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital. I appreciate the opportunity to answer any questions.
Pamela: I am so glad that you found us! You should request a complimentary packet and take a look at our monthly newsletter. This month there is a wonderful article on pcos.
kitty: Thanks, I will
Pamela: Kitty, Dr. Stein is in the room. Since you are first in. You have him all to yourself for a minute or two...any questions?
Pamela: Our guest tonight is Dr. Daniel Stein. If you have any questions, please post them!
Pamela: Welcome everyone. Dr. Stein is in the room tonight and will take your pcos questions. You have to keep hitting refresh in this chat to keep up. Pleae post your questions!
jen: hi, dr. stein,

i have a question about the difference between something like metformin and advandia?
kitty: I am 37 and have been having probs since 15. I had lap. when I was 23 and was told I had pco. I have probs with periods, excess hair, depression. I have not been diagnosed with pcos, but have appt. with Dr. Sills on the 20th
hopie: Hi Dr. Stein- I am currently on 1700 mg of metformin and I am about to take a few months off from tx to save some money. Should I continue to take the metformin even though I am not going to be on treatment.
kitty: I am wondering if I would benefit from metformin. I am a thin pco'er(guess I'm more fortunate than a lot)
DrStein: Hi Jen. Metformin and Avandia (Rosiglitazone) are two types of medications that each sensitize the body to insulin but work by different mechanisms.
kitty: sorry about being so slow, this is my first time on a chat board
jen: oh, i guess i should introduce myself a bit...i am 33 (34 next month) been ttc for over 3 years now, have pcos, been on met at the 2550mg a day dose for almost a month now...i have no children, and have never been pg (that i know of)
DrStein: Hi Hopie. Metformin is a good choice to stay on if you have documented insulin resistance. If you tolerate it well, stay on it.
Pamela: Dr Daniel Stein, a reproductive endocrinologist at Manhattan's St Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital. Dr. Stein will be taking questions. If he misses your question, please repost. Sometimes, the questions scroll by while he is answering another question! Please keep hitting refresh to keep up with the chat.

StacyD: Dr. Stein thank you for being here. Can you please tell me what a flare cycle is?
jen: dr stein,
do you mean they treat the insulin problems differently? i mean if someone does not respond to met, would avandia be a good alternative perhaps?
jen: hi, julie2! glad to see you!!
Julie2: Hi everyone
hopie: Dr. Stein- Thank you. When RE did blood work my insulin was elevated. Do I need to have my insulin levels monitored to make sure my dosage is correct?
DrStein: Kitty, thin PCO patients may have insulin resistance but are generally not severe enough to have trouble controlling glucose levels. Metformin's effects may not be as significant in thin patients but this is not yet clear.
Julie2: jen, Dr kalter jen? hehe
DrStein: Hopie, following insulin levels every few months is a good idea.
jen: yes, julie!! its me!! lol (feel like i'm stalking you yet?? LOL)
mills: Dr. Stein,
Any suggestions for a poor responder who is prone to cysts?
kitty: So what do we do about excess hair, mens. prob. and no children. Do drs. consider giving met if you do not test ir if you have all the symptoms?
Julie2: Hi Dr Stein, thank you for doing this... What is your experience with Actos? Is it like Metoformin and will sensitize my body to the insulin I make?
DrStein: Jen, if metformin does not work, avandia may be effective, especially as it does not seem to be as dependent on weight loss. However, it has been associated with a few deaths from liver disease.
Julie2: jen, hehe not at all.. I love talking with you.. glad to see you here!
jen: julie, thanks!! :)
Julie2: jen, you are welcome. Hope you are getting answers to your quesitons! How long have you been on Metformin?
DrStein: Mills, the poor responder prone to cysts may benefit from oral contraceptive pills followed by Lupron
StacyD: What is a flare cycle
jen: Dr. stein, ok, i think maybe only one more question so i dont hog the board!! how long is it beneficial to continue trying met? i have been on 1500mg for over a year and recently increased to 2550mg 3 weeks ago. i have had some improvements, but not ovulation.
DrStein: Kitty, many doctors do give metformin without testing for IR
mills: Dr. Stein,
For the poor responder prone to cysts taking oral contraceptive pills followed by Lupron:
Do you suggest a stop lupron or a flare?
I have both elevated fsh and a pcos tendency.
Carla1: I was diagnosed PCO almost 2 years ago. After two miscarriages on Clomid and 2 failed IUIs (with two others cancelled for overstimulation), I decided, with dr consent, to try Glucophage. This is month 5 on 500mg twice daily, and I'm not ovulating or menstruating on my own. How long should it take?
DrStein: Jen, if the metformin is at a high dose and ovulation is not occurring, you can try another medication or add Clomid
Carla1: I was diagnosed PCO almost 2 years ago. After two miscarriages on Clomid and 2 failed IUIs (with two others cancelled for overstimulation), I decided, with dr consent, to try Glucophage. This is month 5 on 500mg twice daily, and I'm not ovulating or menstruating on my own. How long should it take?
jen: julie,

over a year at 1500mg met and recently upped to the 2550mg for about 3 weeks...
DrStein: Stacy, a flare cycle is one in which Lupron is given not before gonadotropins, but at the same time in order to increase ovarian stimulation
kitty: I was on bcp for 6mths to try to help with some of the probs. but, I had yeast infections the entire time I was on them. Is this normal or does it have anything to do with pcos
Julie2: Hi Dr Stein, thank you for doing this... What is your experience with Actos? Is it like Metoformin and will sensitize my body to the insulin I make?

Carla1: I was diagnosed PCO almost 2 years ago. After two miscarriages on Clomid and 2 failed IUIs (with two others cancelled for overstimulation), I decided, with dr consent, to try Glucophage. This is month 5 on 500mg twice daily, and I'm not ovulating or menstruating on my own. How long should it take?
DrStein: Carlal, I would increase to 1 gm twice a day after discussing with your MD
Julie2: jen, wow that is a long time. I am sorry you have been on it that long...
Carla1: I was diagnosed PCO almost 2 years ago. After two miscarriages on Clomid and 2 failed IUIs (with two others cancelled for overstimulation), I decided, with dr consent, to try Glucophage. This is month 5 on 500mg twice daily, and I'm not ovulating or menstruating on my own. How long should it take?
DrStein: Julie, sorry, my experience with Actos is non-existent.
jen: julie,yeah, sometimes it really bothers me that i didnt have better results way before now. i am hoping and praying that all i needed was the increase, though.
Julie2: DrStein, oh, you know nothing about Actos?
DrStein: Kitty, yeast LOVE estrogen, a main component of oral contraceptive pills.
Ginger: Dr Stein, I was just told have pcos and have been taking only clomid. What are the chances clomid could work for me with metformin?
mills: Dr. Stein,
For the poor responder prone to cysts taking oral contraceptive pills followed by Lupron:
Do you suggest a stop lupron or a flare?
I have both elevated fsh and a pcos tendency.
Julie2: jen, I would be bothered also. I would switch to something else. The Actos has done wonders for me!! I know people have had luck with Avandia also
jen: dr stein,

ok, so i lied!! i have another question now...for a pcos sufferer, does it makes sense to you to remain on met for the rest of my life? i have done 3 cycles of clomid while on met. none worked. i guess i just might need injectables..
DrStein: I appreciate all the questions. Please be patient as I try to get to each one. Thank you.
jen: julie,

what is actos?
DrStein: Jen, I think going to injectable meds is a good choice. However, be careful because in PCOS patients hyperstimulation is common.
DrStein: Ginger, if you are insulin resistant, metformin may be helpful in addition to clomid. Otherwise, clomid is probably just as good.
jen: dr stein,

thanks! that has been one of my fears(hyperstim) and one of the reasons i have waited so long. i think 2-3 amps a day of gonal f for a first time pcos person like me is way too many, dont you?
Pamela: The transcript of this chat can be found in a few days at under fact sheets and faqs. If you are not a member of aia and would like to learn more about us and get a complimentary copy of our wonderful monthly newsletter, you an request a packet via private email off our home page. There is a great pcos article this month. Request a pcos packet and give us your full name and snail mail address.
Julie2: jen, it is what I take for the insulin resistance... it is like a "cousin" of rezulin. But, not as likely to cause the liver problems... It has lowered my insulin to almost normal ranges
DrStein: Jen, I agree with you. I would start stimulating with 1-2 ampules and then decrease the dose
jen: julie,

has she been tracking your insulin? (dr k i mean?) she hasnt once tested mine again...that kind of bugs me a little.
jen: dr stein,

thank you!
Julie2: jen, no I see an endocrinologist in Dover..
Julie2: Dr Stein, so you dont know anything about Actos?
jen: julie,

you do? is that the one by dr k's office? what does he do for you?
DrStein: Julie, Rezulin (Troglitazone) and AVandia are cousins too and Avandia at first was thought to be safer than it is now. I would recommend liver monitoring every 1-2 months for a year, then less frequently.
Pamela: Hi Ellen!
EllenB: Hi Dr. Stein and Pam and everyone else. I had another meeting that ran over.
Pamela: Ellen, what do you know about Actos?
DrStein: Anyone with any questions, please feel free to ask.
Pamela: Hi DanWen, just saw you here!
Pamela: Hi DanWen, just saw you here!
DrStein: Hi Ellen, thanks for coming.
Julie2: Dr Stein, I have been getting it tested about every other month... good so far.. and the Actos has made my insulin 25 ( I dont know what measure that is in) but my Dr said 0-20 is normal.. so I have been blessed with these results. But, still havent ovulated on my own.. I am Cycle Day 14 of my third injectable cycle right now.. I am hoping
DanWen: Just saw me where?
EllenB: Here's a question that I have about metformin. Some people on line have asked about whether it's advisable to continue taking metformin after become pregnant? Are there any studies out there?
kitty: Is depression common with pcos or is it from the stress of living with this?
Pamela: DanWen, you are such a card....
jen: dr stein,

since theres a little pause here, i want to know how likely it is for a pcos women to m/c? i have heard it is rather high. does staying on met during pg alter that rate at all? what about progesterone in pcos women? i have also heard that that is often times low
DrStein: Ellen, there are no definitive studies. However, the whole concept of avoiding oral medications for diabetes in pregnancy is now being challenged.
Julie2: jen, well it is a little bit down the Rd from her office. It is in the Dover commons.. where path lab is well I started with the Met.. didnt work for me.. then laid off of everything for a bit.. the IR got worse and I started Actos in Jan.. and have gotten great results with it
DrStein: Jen, what is m/c?
DanWen: What are the tell tale signs of PCOS? And what is the basis for a difinitive diagnosis?
EllenB: Re: Actos, it is in the same "family" of drugs as Avandia and Rezulin but doesn't seem to have the same liver problems that Rezulin had. However, since the mechanism is similar (at least as I understand it), the sensible thing to do is to be monitored closely re: liver function.
DanWen: m/c = miscarriage
jen: dr stein,

sorry, m/c is miscarriage. also, i just thought about another question i have. how much does smoking decrease or affect mens sperm?
EllenB: m/c is miscarriage.
mills: Dr. Stein,
I have both high fsh and pcos tendencies (cysts, acne, weight gain.)
What IVF protocol would you suggest? I will take the birth control pill before my cycle. Stop lupron or flare?
StacyD: What is the best method of rtvl of eggs for IVF? Each follicle or whole ovary
DrStein: Kitty, I am not aware of an increase in depression in women with PCOS. However, any disorder that causes women to have difficulty losing weight, getting pregnant, causing skin/cosmtic changes may cause depression and anxiety.
EllenB: DanWen: Dr. Stein has written a piece on PCOS on the AIA website that discusses telltale signs and diagnostic tests. You can check it out by going to the PCOS page on the AIA site and scrolling down through the articles.
DanWen: StacyD - I never heard of taking a whole ovary - did anyone ever suggest that to you|????
StacyD: no I mean draining the ovary not removing the ovary
DanWen: Ellen - thanks - but I wanted to know without doing any med tests

DrStein: Mills, there are no comparison studies I am aware of to answer that question. However, I myself prefer a LUpron flare
DanWen: StacyD - I never heard of "draining a whole ovary" either

DrStein: Stacy, egg retrieval involves draining each follicle in each ovary to collect the most eggs.
EllenB: On the IVF issue, there was an interesting article in the AIA newsletters either last month or the month before about an IVF protocol specifically for women with PCOS that Drs. Rosenwaks and Spandorfer at Cornell were using. If I recall, it involved birth control pills, then lupron, then gonadotropins after that. Ellen
DanWen: BRB
StacyD: This is what I thought my last RE drains the ovary and I always have had half the eggs that I had follicle on last sono before rtvl i thought that maybe I was losing them due to early hcg trigger. So are you telling me that draining the ovary that some eggs may reamin?
Pamela: DanWen, call me after the chat...
kitty: Ellen
Just wanted to say thanks for the info on Drs. in Atlanta. I made an appt. with Dr. Sills on the 20th
DrStein: I cant find the question on miscarriage. Can you repeat it?
jen: dr stein,

what about the miscarrage rate for pcos women and is it affected by metforming at all during pg? also, what about progesterone levels in pcos women during pg? also, how does smoking affect a mans sperm?
Julie2: Hi JulieB
DrStein: Stacy, the doctor drains all the follicles but sometimes a follicle seen on U/S may not contain an egg.
DanWen: Pam - will do, am i in trouble again :)
JulieB: Hi there Julie2... :o)
ginger: HOw many injectable cycyles with IUI would you recommend before moving to IVF? Thanks
EllenB: Some of the telltale signs of PCOS (but again, PCOS is a syndrome and not a disease and not every woman has the same symptoms): excess androgen levels (male hormones), anovulation, hirsutism, obesity, acne, hyperinsulinemia, hair loss in some women (along with excess hair -- a double whammy), high LH to FSH ratio. I'm probably missing some.
Pamela: DanWen,
Always... :)
mills: Dr. Stein,
Is there a difference in the urine vs. synthetic stimulation drugs in their effectiveness for women with pcos?
DrStein: Jen, There does appear to be a higher m/c rate in PCOS women and there is no data I am aware of that metformin decreases this risk. This would be an excellent study idea however.
DanWen: Thanks Ellen
EllenB: kitty: Please say hi to Dr. Sills for me. And best of luck, Ellen
Julie2: ginger, thanks for asking that question.. that is something I have wanted to know
DrStein: Jen, smoking increases miscarriage by itself. The effects on sperm are not clear.
StacyD: But my re does not drain each follicle but the ovary only is this a common practice. My last IVF cycle I had 15 mature follicle on last sono and only had four eggs and two were not mature. The cycle before that I had 20 mature follicle and only 6 eggs.
DanWen: Dr. Stein - thank you for being here tonight!!!!!
jen: dr stein,

thanks! i was just wondering if you knew if it affected a mans sperm anything at all to make my honey quit!
DrStein: Mills, there is no proven advantage of one medication over another as studies vary considerably. An advantage of the synthetic meds, however, is that each vial has the same amount of medication (i.e. "batch-to-batch consistency.")
Pamela: Note to all---the transcript of this chat will be available on the aia website at under fact sheets and faqs. Please leave us your name and address so that we can send you information about aia with a complimentary newsletter. Also there is a new fact sheet on purchasing fertility drugs on line that you can read off the home page.
Julie2: jen, I have read in a few books that smoking can effect motility... But, I think each book goes on that persons thoughts.. I wouldnt think that it would help at all.. thats for sure...
DrStein: Jen, there is some data that smoking may adversely affect sperm. In any case, it can't be good !!!
DanWen: Thank you - I definetly learned some stuff - have to run
DrStein: DanWen, it is my pleasure!
DanWen: Pam - I will call you later
Pamela: Note to all, starting in July, aia supported by fertile thoughts will be conducting a summer on line series of chats. Every Thursday night during July and August there will be a different chat. Please feel welcome to come!
EllenB: The issue of what is the best stimulation protocol and whether one form of gonadotropin is better than another one for women with PCOS is an interesting one. Many doctors swear by a low dose (low and slow) stimulation protocol for PCOS. But some women don't respond. It's interesting. On the issue of using purified FSH vs. an FSH/LH combo, I think that people thought that theoretically at least purified FSH would be better for women with PCOS because our LH levels are already elevated but I don't think that this has been borne out in practice.
jen: dr stein,

thanks so much for spending your time here! i know i certainly have appreciated having your ear!!

julie2, talk to ya later, girl. dont forget my update!! keeping my fingers crossed)
StacyD: Is there testing for PCOS and what is involved
mills: Dr. Stein,
Do you think that acupuncture can have a positive effect on pcos?
Julie2: Pamela, that sounds great.. thanks
DrStein: Stacy, I can't explain what you are describing. Have you asked your MD why this is?
Julie2: jen, leaving??
DrStein: Mills, my opinion on this is no better than your. I truly don't know.
kitty: Thank you Dr.Stein, Pamela and Ellen. I look forward to receiving the newletter. I wish you all the best.
jen: julie,

yeah, i am outta here. been a long rough day for me! (i get up at 5am, too, so by now i am exhausted)
Pamela: Dr. Stein, will you please give us your phone number in case patients want to contact you?
Julie2: DrStein, I cannot take birth control pills (hyperstimulated from first injectable cycle, ended up with blood clots because of it) If I have to go to IVF what kind of protocol could I use?
Julie2: jen, oh my.. ok then you take care and I will have an update tomrrow!
DrStein: Of course, Pam. My telephone number is:
StacyD: My RE acts offended when I have asked where all my mature folicles had gone. Did I trigger them to early due to the HCG given at 35 hours and having to wait in waiting room 2 hours past my appointment meaning HCG was then 37 hours?
jen: julie

goodie!! :)

mills: Thanks for your input, Dr. Stein. You have been very helpful.
EllenB: Testing for PCOS should include blood tests to determine hormone levels as well as to deterimine insulin sensitivity and possibly diabetes, physical exam to look for excess hair in certain areas, obesity and waist to hip ratio, acne, etc. A medical history which would cover other symptoms like menstrual history, etc. I'm probably forgetting something.
Julie2: jen, byebye, take care!
Julie2: Ellen, what is a waist to hip ratio?
Pamela: We have a few minutes left..any last questions??
DrStein: Julie2, there are many ways to stimulate you and you do not have to take birth control pills. Since you hyperstimulated, luteal lupron even up to 2 mg may be helpful and start gonadotropins with 2 amps per day.
StacyD: Can being a poor resopnder to Lupron and being overwieght be a sign of PCOS
Julie2: DrStein, what about snyrel? I dont know if I spelled that right.. sorry. Would that be something that could be used?
StacyD: I always have taken 6 amps of stims a day and taken lupron a week to a week and half longer
DrStein: Stacey, that is possible. However, I can't really comment on this as I do not know the circumstances.
EllenB: My turn to sing Dr. Stein's praises. I have heard him speak about PCOS in person three times now and each time I am blown away by both his knowledge and his sincere interest in PCOS as a cause of infertility as well as a lifelong health issue. He also does a fabulous job as a co-moderator of AIA's PCOS Message Board. We, in the NYC area, are lucky to count him as a member of our medical community. Ellen
Julie2: DrStein, with my history of hyperstiming how many amps should I not go over? I am currently at 3 and I am quite scared...
DrStein: Julie2, synarel is similar to Lupron, but given nasally. It has no major advantages over Lupron. I prefer Lupron.
StacyD: I do check my own blood as my dh is a diabetic if I had PCOS would my blood sugar be high
Julie2: DrStein, is lupron done IM? I have done all my meds sub q.. even my hcg shot
DrStein: Ellen, that is very kind of you to say. I appreciate your support and especially the tremendous attention and dedication AIA has made to PCOS.
DrStein: Julie2, lupron can be given IM or SQ. However, in IVF we give it sq.
StacyD: I have gain 100 pounds with all the fertility drugs doing 6 IUI and 4 IVF with ICSI. 6 amps a day of stims. IS this common or is something else causing the gain
EllenB: Waist to hip ratio looks at the measurements of your waist and hips and compares them. A high waist to hip ratio would connote an "apple shape" as opposed to a "pear shape." Apple shaped women (and men) are prone to cardiovascular disease and other related health problems. This is a simplified version. Ellen
Julie2: DrStein, thank you for answering my questions. It is nice to know some Dr's are up to date on this crappy PCOS...
StacyD: Also I can't seem to take thwe weight off as hard as I try
DrStein: Any last minute questions? AGain, I can be contacted at: or 8959.
Julie2: Ellen, I guess I would have to say I am an apple.. which is good.. I like apples better.. lol
Julie2: Stacy, I have gained about 30 lbs since all this stupid meds... And its so hard because other then IF Dr's the other kinds dont understand why I am so overweight
DrStein: Well everyone, thank you so much for coming tonight. I wish all of you the very best. I especially thank Pam and Ellen for helping all of us take this disorder more seriously and increasing exposure. Take care!
Julie2: Bye Dr Stein, thanks again
EllenB: StacyD: As a "survivor" of multiple cycles of IUI and IVF, I know that the weight does creep on. Some of it may have to do with the underlying disorder (PCOS) and possibly insulin sensitivity (have you been tested for this?) In my case, I attribute some of it to the stress of multiple cycles. I don't know whether the drugs themselves are associated with the kind of weight gain you are talking about. But certainly the excess weight may well be inhibiting your ability to conceive and carry a pregnancy to term. As Dr. Stein and others have said, a weight loss of as little as 5 to 10% of body weight may result in ovulation. Excercise can help (though I know how hard it is to find time when you are getting up early to go for morning bloods and ultrasounds). A doctor (like Dr. Stein, for example) who looks at PCOS not just as a fertility issue but as a significant long term health issue is also a good idea. Ellen
Pamela: Thank you Dr. Stein! We truly appreciate your time here tonight. If you were late for the chat or have further questions, please visit the aia pcos message board as Dr. Stein and Dr. Spandorfer are there to answer your questions every day! Good night everyone!!!!

EllenB: Pam: Are you still there?
Courtney: so ive missed the chat huh???
DSB: Am I too late??
EllenB: I need to leave too but please find us on the PCOS message board and we can continue this discussion, particularly with the weight that we all struggle with. Ellen
Courtney: DSB... I think we both have.......
Courtney: I am going to ask if transcripts can be made availble
Victoria: Have I missed the chat?
123789: can anyone tell me if they have heard of loss of menstrual cycles after child birth
gabbalot: Hi How is everyone tonight I am really depressed I want a child desperately
nancyg: I have located a donor and foud out that because she had a tatoo in dec.she does not qualify to be a donor for a year after her tatoo. Is this normal?????????
trish3895: Hello, I am new to the chat room. I am looking to ask some questions about IVF can anyone help?
betty: i am looking to talk with someone
kathiemitchell: hi betty
kathiemitchell: hi
betty: hi kathie

kathiemitchell: wow this is an odd chat room
kathiemitchell: how r u?
betty: i have never logged into this site. I was looking for info about infertility - someone who has been there
kathiemitchell: trying to get the hang of this
kathiemitchell: aaah, i haven't been here before either
kathiemitchell: I am looking at the internation adoption boards
betty: are you still there?
kathiemitchell: A friend reccomended this site
kathiemitchell: sure
betty: is this your first adoption?

kathiemitchell: yes.. hoping to go to ukraine for two girls.. have two bio boys now
betty: what other sites have you been to
kathiemitchell: and
betty: you are not interested in carrying any other children, or you cant?
kathiemitchell: know anything about adoption?
kathiemitchell: not interested in having more bio children really...
kathiemitchell: would like to have girls
kathiemitchell: and dont want to have a million kids trying for them :)
betty: I am Sorry, i do not know very much about adoption...thankfully, i have not gotton to that yet. Still trying to bear my own
kathiemitchell: do you have any children? bio or adopted?
betty: no, not yet. I have been trying for 2 years - & getting frustrated
kathiemitchell: have you done any treatments for infertility?
betty: I have been on clomid for 6 cycles - it made me ovulate, but i still did not get pregnant
betty: kathie, are you still there?
kathiemitchell: yes
kathiemitchell: messages are erased
kathiemitchell: keep hitting refresh instaed of send
kathiemitchell: ugh sorry
betty: sorry kathie, i gotta was nice talking to you and good luck with finding your girls
kathiemitchell: had a friend who was shot with dye to look for blockages
kathiemitchell: good luck
kathiemitchell: bye
betty: oh, thats ok, i thought you just didnt have much to say
kathiemitchell: lol, looked that way
kathiemitchell: never seen a chat like this
kathiemitchell: have you tried dye?
betty: did your friend have any blockages
kathiemitchell: if she did the dye cleared them away is the theory... she had a baby last jan after two yrs infertility
betty: i have not done any invasive tests - when they found I did not ovulate and my hubbys motility was low that was enough for us to handle!
kathiemitchell: she got preg right away after trhe dye treatment
kathiemitchell: aah, i see
betty: so you think i should give that a try next?
kathiemitchell: please dont take my word for it ask your doctor though it worked for my friend
kathiemitchell: I dont have much experience with infertilty
betty: the thing is, i keep thinking, i'm young, i can do this on my own, but then at the end of every cycle i just get disappointed
kathiemitchell: sorry i wish i could help
kathiemitchell: may I ask your age?

betty: i will be 29 this year
kathiemitchell: have you been charting your ovulation?
kathiemitchell: i know it's probably a dumb question
betty: oh yes, I dont ovulate - proven through bloodwork
kathiemitchell: but you are with clomid right?
betty: yes, but still not pregnant. without the clomid or other medication to help, my body does nothing
kathiemitchell: so maybe with the clomid and rythem method it might work
kathiemitchell: I am so impatient I'd go straight for IVF...
kathiemitchell: as you can see I dont know much
kathiemitchell: about infertility issues
kathiemitchell: are you set on having a bio child?
betty: that has definitely crossed my mind, but my hubby is "positive" thinker that feels too we can do it. hes coming around though. I think he to already wants a familiy
kathiemitchell: I understand the urge for one completely

betty: you have to understand the ironic part is that I am a Labor and delivery nurse
kathiemitchell: oh no...all those little babies...
betty: i have that desire to carry a child too, not just to have one. you know what i mean
betty: well kathie, it was really nice to talk to someone about this. thanx for listening and good luck
kathiemitchell: I know what you mean... though in the end what you are really getting is a child to raise.. nomatter how they came about.. in your tummy or heart
kathiemitchell: I hated pregnancy... not that I'd trade my children for the world... but it wans't the fairytale you hear
betty: that is true, and i tell you, if i do have one, the others may be adopted b/c i cant wait my whole life to have 4 children ( that was my plan)
kathiemitchell: good luck to you.
kathiemitchell: bye
betty: thanx
betty: kathie, are you still there?

betty: kathie?

BABYCAKES: do you think cheryl tiegs really used her own eggs at 51? Maybe there is hope for me...been pregnant 4 times in last 6 years...all misc.
BABYCAKES: anyone on here?
bear: hello

bear: hello

d55: I'm 45 have been trying since my son was 5 years old. He is now 13 years old. I had Invitro 2 years ago. I still try every month but on my own. Is there any hope for me? Please let me know.
d55: Extremely depressed every month when my periods comes. Can't get it out of my head. My husband doesn't want to adopt. Not sure if I do either. Much regret on my part of not getting help sooner. Consulted an infertility specialist when I was 40.
110866: I Would Like info on male fertile.
childofmyown: I am 30 and still without child. I hardly have periods and I am not ovulating. What can I do?
I need someone to talk to! I am so depressed!
sherry: this is my first time on i have one frozen embryo and will be putting it back in oct. has anyone done this prceedure?
sherry: childofmyown
i know how you feel i went through many years of surg. and invitro 4 times finally at age 33 it happened
he is know 7 did you see the study
te AIA was needing people for it sound like your symtoms dont give up

Pook: Hi Sherry, are you still in the chatroom?
Pook: Hello to anyone, this is Pook and i was just diagnosed with PCOS and found this site and thought i'd give chatting a try.

sherry: ya sorry the door bell rang
sherry: hello is anyone there?
Pook: hi sherry, i'm here, but just getting used to how this chat things work

sherry: pook please forgive me what is PCOS?
Pook: Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome...cysts on my ovaries that prevent me from ovulating...yuvk
Pook: yuck
Pook: sorry about the typos...i'm new to this site
sherry: pook chat rooms can be very supportive it has been a long time
for me on the chat what is your location? i am in indiana
Pook: the way how often do i have to press refresh on this chat site?

sherry: pook
cant believe i had to ask you that
i have had many many of them somtimes they away on there own and somtimes they have to be surg. removed your right yuck but they should figure that out
sherry: pook alot
Pook: well, i just went to a diabetic endreconologist (sp?) and he put me on glucophage, a diabetes drug, hoping that would help so i won't need to use clomid...
sherry: pook
a am 39 and have one 7 year old the results of ivf took 4 times
do you have any children?
sherry: pook are diabetic? or does that drug
take the place of clomid?
Pook: No kids yet...i am 30 and only recently wanted to become pregnant so just 2 weeks ago found out it was PCOS...wish i new sooner than this so i could have started "fixing" the problem sooner...
Pook: I am not diabetic, but i am mildly insulin resistant...kind of a precurosr to type II diabetes...but this drug will hopefully stimulate some hormones in my system to decrease the level of androges in my hormone level (male hormones..double yuck!) and may just let me ovulate more naturally than clomid...kinda worried about clomid...heard a lot of side effects...
Pook: sherry, phone's ringing, be right back
sherry: pook your still very young
but it is still very scarey
i remember just dont give up
every mont new studies come out
dont listen to other peoples negetive
remarks they can be very rude
sherry: pook well i have to go the 4th of july parade is starting and may son
has invited most of the neighborhood
are you going to get involved in the AIA aupport for insurance i am
it has been very nice chating with you i will be back on again soon
Pook: bye, thanks fo chatting