Pamela: Hello Mike!
MikeBerkley: Hi Pam
Pamela: Hi Beth, we are a little early, and I was just helping Mike figure out the room.
MikeBerkley: Hi Beth are you still with us?
MikeBerkley: PAm will you intro me?
Pamela: Yes, Mike, I will introduce you, probably a few times!
MikeBerkley: Hi Beth.
Pamela: Beth, since you are early, if you have any questions for Mike, feel free.
Pamela: Hi Heather! Is this my Heather?
MikeBerkley: Hi Heather.
Heather: Good evening everyone. This is my first on-line chat and wanted to say hello. I am the new volunteer for AIA opening up a meeting site in south jersey
Pamela: Mike, some women are taking herbs for PCOS, do you know anything about this?
karen: Hello, everyone!
MikeBerkley: Hi Heather. Best of luck with the new site!
Heather: Thank you Mike
I hope ot learn a few things here tonight. I hear you are wonderful
Pamela: Welcome everyone! Tonight we have Mike Berkley who is the director of the NY Acupuncture Center. He has worked extensively with our community and is a wealth of information. Welcome Mike
Sally: Hello all. This is my 1st time here. I assume I need to refresh regularly; its not like the Java chat @ FT?
MikeBerkley: Pam, herbal medicine and acupuncture have been successful in some women in helping to alleviate or reduce some of the signs and symptoms associated with PCOS such as hirsutism, weight gain, skin problems and infertility. Acu and herbs CANNOT cure PCOS.
Pamela: Yes Sally!! Keep refreshing!
karen: I just had retrieval yesterday and I am praying that everything will work out fine this time. 2nd IVF retrieved 8 follicles which 7 of them had an egg in them and of the 7 two have fertilized and one is still being watched. I will find out tomorrow and I am hoping that the other one will be fine. All of the others did not make it through the procedure. Any thoughts???
MikeBerkley: Thanks so much Heather!
Pamela: Karen,
I hope that you can get three! But the new ASRM guidelines recommend transfering two without a decline in success rates, just a decline in mulitple births.
Pamela: Any questions on alternative medicine for Mike?
MikeBerkley: Karen. Wait and what happens with the 2 that have fertilized. Acupuncture and herbal medicine has been used to treat infertility for over 2500 years. I have found thast even if the acu and herbal med regimen dont directly result in conception, there use makes procedures such as IVF more successful because the individuals body is much healthier after treatment than before.
Heather: Mike
I am not in treatments as we speak we are finalizing an adoption but want to learn ways to improve my fertility without drugs. Would this being acupunture be an option? What is the theory behind acupunture?
Pamela: Mike Berkley is here from the NY Acupunture Center and he is here to answer your questions about treating infertility through acupunture and herbs. Just post your questions!
Joy: What is your experience treating women over 40 and success rates?

MikeBerkley: Heather, the first thing to note is that in my opinion, acupuncture without herbaal medicine is almost useless. Acupuncture moves, regulates and controls the flow of energy internally. If one has endometriosis this is considered to be "blocked" energy. Ditto for blocked tubes. Acu can help to "push" this stagnant energy and thus allow for greater blood flow to areas which need it ie the uterine lining.
Sally: Mike:
I have been ttc 3 yrs; multiple IUI's, 1 chem pg; 2 failed IVF's, and I am preparing for my 3rd IVF (2nd @ Cornell) in July/Aug. I am basically unexplained; mild endo, respond well to stims, my embryos were "not great but not terrible" @ Cornell; 4 7-cell, w a fair amount of fragmentation. I am very interested in pursuing acupuncture, but do not know where to begin. Is it important to go to an acupuncturist who deals specifically w IF?
MikeBerkley: Joy, 99 % of my patients are over 40. I have about a 10% success rate. My patients come to me LAST after they have tried everything else.
Joy: Mike, I have heard that the use of herbs falsely changes the RE test results which might fool us in thinking that success around the corner, can you comment on that please?
tarney: Could acupunture be beneifical in preparation for a donor egg transfer?
Chaya: Hi Mike - I started seeing an acupuncturist who is a friend of a friend. I'm doing acupuncture to improve circulation to my uterus because (probably due to a past surgery) my lining is usually very thin when I do cycles of injectibles. My question to you is: The acupuncturist who I started seeing only wants to do acupuncture during the week before I ovulate because she thinks the acupuncture would harm a developing embryo. This means that each month, I have only two acupuncture sessions. Is that enough? Sorry if this sounds longwinded.
Heather: Oh i agree about the herbs. I was just referring to "drugs". When I was going through my IVF i tried to incorpate the herbs as well. Thank you for the information on acupuncture.
MikeBerkley: Joy, success either is or is not. I keep patients on a protocol of acupuncture and herbal meds for 3 mos. Either thay conceive within 3 mos or they dont.
kkrill: I've been doing acu for over a year for fertility specifically. I was wondering if the herbs will interact in any way negatively with the IVF drugs I am taking? I always forget to ask my acu when I am there.
MikeBerkley: Chaya, in my opinion your acupuncturist is incorrect. Acu should be done at least 1 time per week and nmore is better.
Pamela: A Note About The Chat...Keeping Refreshing the board to keep up with the chat...if Mike doesn't get to your question, please repost it, sometimes while a speaker is answering one question, others fly by and aren't caught!!!
MikeBerkley: kkril. Nobody knows. My advise...dont take herbs and biomeds at the same time.
Mary: How many different fertility points are there
MikeBerkley: Sally...yes it is important to proceed with an acupuncturist who specializes AND who is Board Certified in Clinical Chinese Herbal Medicine!
Pamela: Heather---I am still smiling!
hibiscus: Hi Mike, Ive had 3 ectopic pregnancies and 3 failed IVFs due to implantation failure. Also Im a low responder to ovarian stimulation. i.e instead of the 15-20 eggs, I get just 3-5 eggs despite high dose stimulation. My uterus lining seems to be fine. Can accupuncture help and how. Im 37 years old.

K: Hello!
Mike - thank you for doing this chat! I'm a regular on the alt. tx bb, and a host for the alt. chatroom! It's wonderful to see this topic!
Hi everyone! :)
MikeBerkley: Mary, unanswerable.
MikeBerkley: Thanks K!
kkrill: I go to acu every week. Should I go or not go the week we do the IVF implantation and after?
Heather: Keep smiling Pam good things to come
hibiscus: I forgot to mention, due to the 3 ectopics I have no tubes left

MikeBerkley: Hibiscus, it is impossible to determine whether or not you are a good candidate for alternative medicine. If you are interested in acu/herbs vist a practitioner and have this doctor arrive at a differential dioagnosis and then discuss your chances.
K: Hiya GraceM!
Heather: Mike
If I am hearing you right about this you believe that acupunture can increase bllod flow would that help with implantation which is my problem

Pamela: Not having tubes is probably a good thing for you at this point Hibiscus. At least now you are not at risk for a tubal and you don't need your tubes for IVF. One less thing to worry about.
Sally: Mike: I am in Toronto. Can you recommend anyone; or if not, how can I find someone who specializes in IF? Can you explain further why it is important to do acu w the herbs? Thanks
K: Mike - sorry if this topic was already discussed...Is there an online referral source (for those of us who cannot get a personal recommendation) which is reliable? I've looked around and have thought about using (used to be Reliable (once references are checked out, etc..)?
Pamela: Mike, how do you determine what needs to be done for a person? Is there a work up that you can share with us? What can we expect?
Joy: That was my question as well.. if I start only with the acupuncture, can that be of benefit in and of itself?
taylor: Mike, what kind a treatment protocol do you use for someone who is unexplained? I am 35, ttc 2.5 years, tried Clomid with hcg but do not want to move on to inj. medications since at this point the docs are just guessing.
K: :) It's so wonderful to see so much interest in this topic :)
MikeBerkley: Heather, yes acu can help increase blood flow. Whether or not that is enought to assist in implantation is quite another problem. This is not easy stuff. Alt med is an art which requires a fine sensitivity and understanding of acu and herbal medicine. Herbs are MUCH MORE important than acu in the tx of infertility.
kkrill: I go to acu every week. Should I go or not go the week we do the IVF implantation and after?
Heather: Thank you
Guess what i am back on my herbs as of tomorrow-thank you again
MikeBerkley: taylor. you need to visit a practitioner who will diagnose you acxcording to Traditional Chinese Medicine and design a treatment strategy for you as an individual.
hibiscus: Im based in New York, do you see patients like me ?

lavender: I've always understood that accupuncture works with "chi". How do accupuncturists know where chi is not flowing or deficiant? How do the "fix" your chi?
kkrill: Wait a minute. If herbs are so important in all this. Why am I even going to acu if I should'nt take the herbs with my IVF drugs-I'm confused-
gracem: My friend is a true believer in acupct. After many insem tries, she went to acupt had a successful IVF and later, after a second acupunct, natural preg. Can you elim the herbs?
MikeBerkley: kkrill I would not recommend acu on the week of or the wek after your IVF. Give your doc a chance and see what the results are. I have my fingers crossed for you. Great Luck!
Pamela: Note To All-- If you are new to AIA, please stop by our home page at and request a information packet and complimentary newsletter! We also have physician moderated message boards. Get to know us! During the summer we will have an on line chat every week starting in July! On Thursday, we will be having a general infertility chat with Dr. Lawrence Grunfeld.
MikeBerkley: gracem. I would not EVER eliminate herbal medicine from my treatment protocol.
K: Hiya Chaya!
hibiscus: How long should you be doing acu/herbs before doing IVF or before starting IVF drugs

Joy: Mike, I don't understand it.. say you take herbs for 3 mo. and then stop, don't the benefits of the herbs also stop producing the results?
MikeBerkley: kkrill. you may take herbal medicine up to 1 month before your IVF, then stop.
Chaya: Thanks K.
K: Mike - I'm interested in your herbal approach. Most TCMs do not think of the herbal supplements in hormonal terms, more along the lines of improving/altering body/organ systems. Yet, some herbs are infact estrogenic/progesteronic/other hormal alteratives. How do you , in your practice, consider the herbs, and the personalized blends you create for people?
kkrill: Perfect-I ran out about a month ago and haven't gotten any more. I start gonal f in a couple days. THANKS so much for the info.
amita: Maybe someone already asked this as I just logged on a bit ago. What herbs are good to increase endometium lining?? starting 2nd DE/IVF soon.
K: Hiya bagel!
MikeBerkley: joy. when treating a patient we have a goal. get her to conceive and carry to term. as with all goals a time period must be specified to achieve the stated goal. Three mos. is a period of time where i have seen successes occur. maybe we can stretch treatmnt to 4 mos. but if after 4 mos the pt doesnt conceive then she probably wont with this type of intervention.
Pamela: Transcipts of this chat will be posted at under fact sheets and FAQ's.
K: Hiya Mary!
Sally: Mike: I am in Toronto. Can you recommend someone who specializes in IF; and if not, is there some other way to find a good acu other than word of mouth?
MikeBerkley: amita. impossible to tell you. which drugs are good for headaches? aspirin? what if the headach is due to a cerebraql hemorrage? Got it? each pt is different with a different presentation which requires different herbal formulas.
K: Pamela - thanks!! I'm sure everyone on the alt bb would be very interested. WOuld it be ok to cut and copy the transcript to the bb?
Pamela: No problem K, just let everyone know about us!!!
Chaya: Regarding herbs, what do you recommend? At the Chinese medicine pharmacy where my acupuncturist sent me, they recommended "bai fang herbal drops". Each drop consists of a ball of approximately 50 beadshaped pills. It contains ginseng, cyperi, honey, radix rehmannaiae, radix paeoniae alba, rhizoma ligustici wallichil, and radix angelicae sinensis. The directions say to take one ball each day. Does that sound correct?
MikeBerkley: sally. u can begin your search by visiting this lists acupuncturists worldwide. good luck in your search!
hibiscus: So would you recommend herbal/acu 3 months prior to starting IVF and then stop when starting IVF drugs ?
K: Hiya Paloma, heatehr (Heather *wink*), and karol!
K: Hiya Tarney!
Pamela - absolutely!!! Thank you!
MikeBerkley: chaya did yr acu prescribe this? if not did the people in the herb store spend an hour with you doing an intake? if not...throw them out. If so, trust them and good luck!
Paloma: Are there any statistics or research that shows that accupuncture improves ones success for pregnancy with IVF?
Heatehr: Oh so you caught that huh? OOPS Hello
bagel: I have never tried acupuncture. My chiropractor suggested I try it to help w/ infertility (& w/ chronic back pain I have: degenerated disks & a herniated disk). How do you recommend I start? What might be a typical tx plan? (Our IF dx is nonovulatory -- I successfully ovulate on clomid, however -- mild male factor & possible PCOS). I'm 36.
K: Chaya - every TCm rxs based upon the individual..What might work for you may not for another..
Sally - just updated to
MikeBerkley: Paloma...yes call me or email me with your fax # at and i will fax you some ifo.
K: Hiya Jackie!
amita: Mike, what do you think about a protocol for IVF which includes a max. of 8mg of estrace to help the endometrium lining??
MikeBerkley: bagel... find a specialist in infertility not one who specializes in back pain. call yr local AIA and see if they perhaps no someone in yr area. Even ask yr doc.
hibiscus: could you let me know what types of infertility issues in acu/herbs good for and what is it not useful for

MikeBerkley: amita this is not within my scope of expertise. sorry.
bagel: Mike: What is AIA?
K: WB lavender!
K: Hiya SueF!
amita: thankyou Mike!
Joy: Hibiscus asked this, can you answer? are u recommending 3 mo/acu + herbs then stopping all and doing IVF if IVF is the next step?
Pamela: Bagel, you are in an AIA chat! The American Infertility Association. Please visit our homepage at or call our help line at .
K: Mike - I wonder if you might come back and visit our alternative treatment bb sometime? There are many gals there who are currently undergoing TCM/acu tx, and many questions do arise from time to time...
KT: Does ac work for women over 40?
MikeBerkley: hibiscus: acu and herbal medicine has been shown to be effective in treating infertility from the following causes: low sperm count, poor morphology, poor motility, thin lining, endometriosis, ONJE blocked tube, pcos, high fsh, hypofunction of the hypothalmis-anterior pituitary-ovarian function due to stress, irregular periods or amenorrhea.
hibiscus: Thanks Joy
MikeBerkley: kt...yes
bagel: Pamela: Thanks.
MikeBerkley: k i would love to. give me a call tmrw.
bagel: Can you give a lay description for how & why acupuncture works?
Sally: Mike -further to Joy & Hibiscus' question - in your opinion is it not worth trying acu & herbal tx if the nxt IVF is sched for <3 months time? Can it be harmful to do for < 3months? Sorry if these Q's sound silly, but I am very new to this.
MikeBerkley: joy. yes.
Chaya: Hi again Mike, and thank you for your previous answers. Someone had previously asked whether it's important for an infertility patient to see an acupuncturist who has experience with infertility. Do you agree, or do you think that a licenced acupuncturist should be able to treat infertility even if she/he doesn't have a lot of experience with infertility patients? Also, tell us a bit about your practice. Are you the only acupuncturist in your practice, and how long does it normally take to get an appointment with your office? Thanks.
K: Mike - I will, thanks!
K: Hiya dganet! Fancy seeing you here!
MikeBerkley: Sally your question is an excellent one and not anywhere near being silly. In my opinion if one cannot commit for at least 3 mos of tx their chances of success are greatly reduced. And no acu/herbs for<3mos is certainly not harmful.
K: Hiya Colleen and beth!
SueF: Mike, Are there specific herbal remedies you recommend for people with PCOS? What about implantation problems (not thin lining)? Thx SueF
dganet: K, I have just got to work! I saw the p[osting abut the chat and thought I was too late - I just want to lurk :0)
K: Hiya jax!
K: d - lurker!!! LOL!
Paloma: If our diagnosis is poor morphology, then my husband should be getting the accupuncture? Or should both of us have it?
K: Hiya jazzy!
K: Hiya kimb!
MikeBerkley: Chaya would you visit a podiatris to treat infertility. YES the practitioner should specialize. It takes 3 weeks to see me. My practice is almos 100% treating gynecological disorders in general and infertility specifically. I am the only acupucnturist in my practice.
dganet: K - I have a HUGE favour to ask you - I was just about to write you an e-mail......I was going to see if you and HeyJude can moderate my BB when I am away??? I KNOW you are really busy - if you can't I will NOT be offended! ?
kimb: hi guys, hi K
MikeBerkley: Paloma are there issues with you which are contributing to yr situation or is it ONLY yr hubbys poor morp? If it is just him u do not need treatment.
dganet: Oh K - that should be 4 BB not one!
K: d - sure! Not a problem! Does it need clearance from Em?
kimb: dx-possible male factor. Husbands sperm failed to fertilize eggs during ivf even though SA's were all perfect.
dganet: K - I told Em that I would ask you. I need to send you all the details....YOU ARE A PAL :0)
Paloma: Thank you, Mike. Our only diagnosis is 0% morphology, and we have had 2 failed IVF/ICSIs so far. Can there really be hope that his morphology could improve that much? His sperm count is also very low (5 million) but motility is normal.
MikeBerkley: Ladies, for more info about myself and my practice I invite you to visit my site at You may also feel free to call me if you have any questions or follow up questions or thoughts re tonights chat.
K: WB jackie!
D - okie dokie! Email me with the details..:)
K: Hiya nanu!
K: Hiya lurking!
K: WB lavender!
nanu: can acupunture help low responders with getting more eggs
MikeBerkley: Paloma yes there is hope. But dont be overly encouraged. The point is what does you husband have to lose by participating in treatment? And what does he have to gain?
hibiscus: hi K
Joy: Mike, is there a difference in acupuncturists that call themselves doctors?
MikeBerkley: nanu, yes ... with herbal medicine.
dganet: Mike - hopefully you'll visit us from time to time on our board. I'll look at your site
K, can we get transcripts of this chat tonight?
hibiscus: Hi nanu I mean

Paloma: Mike, is acupuncture effective in helping our uterus be more receptive during an IVF cycle to help improve pregnancy rates? Thanks for answering! :)
MikeBerkley: dgaanet i would love to. tks for the invite!
kimb: can acupuncture help sperm penetrate eggs?
K: d - I asked Pamela and I will be posting both a link and the transcript to the bb!
Sally: Mike: you mentioned earlier that the common/usual tx frequency is once/week. Would you recommend greater frequency if possible (I am full-time ttc, so I have more time on my hands!) And if so.... ok, this is my last stab @ the 3 month hurdle....would the +ve effects be realized sooner? Sorry to be stuck on the timeline!!! Thanks again
MikeBerkley: Paloma, yes.
lurking: Hi K :)
dganet: Thanks K :)
Pamela: Note To All - Please visit after the chat. Mike at a mini site there and if you leave me your name and snail mail address, I will send you information about AIA and a complimentary newsletter. We have moderated physician boards that are worth stopping by. Our next chat supported by Fertile Thoughts is June 1, Dr. Lawrence Grunfeld will be with us, hosting a general infertility chat.
Paloma: Mike, thank you very much!
MikeBerkley: Sally dont be sorry. these are good and important questions that you are asking. Yes I would have to say that more treatments would mean less acupuncture treatment time but I would still like you to take the herbal meds for at least 3 mos.
MikeBerkley: My pleasure Paloma!
michelle: any Ideas for egg quality issues?
K: Hiya Sonj1~
MikeBerkley: michelle...acu and herbal medicine may help.
Pamela: Note To All - Please visit after the chat. Mike at a mini site there and if you leave me your name and snail mail address, I will send you information about AIA and a complimentary newsletter. We have moderated physician boards that are worth stopping by. Our next chat supported by Fertile Thoughts is June 1, Dr. Lawrence Grunfeld will be with us, hosting a general infertility chat.
hibiscus: can herbals help increase implantion evenif there is no problem with the uterine lining ?

hibiscus: Can it imporve the egg quality for IVF ?
MikeBerkley: Hibiscu... the point is herbal med and acupuncture have an excellent chance of improving the quality of the uterine lining.
Sally: Thank you so much for your time and info, Mike.
kimb: follistim, repronex and the addition of baby aspirin helped my egg quality tremendously.
MikeBerkley: I want to take a moment to thank AIA for allowing me to participate in this chat. I am honored to be here. AIA is an excellent org. Tks for doing such a great job!
hibiscus: Can it increase blood supply to the OVAARIES ?
dganet: It's lovely to see Alternative chats for a change!
MikeBerkley: dganet Thanks!
Sonj1: any specific herbal meds?
MikeBerkley: hibiscus, yes in some cases.
Chaya: Does it matter when in the cycle a patient starts acupuncture treatment. Can she start while she is still menstruating, and if she started toward the end of a cycle, would it help at all to improve the following month's uterus lining?

MikeBerkley: sonjl. No. Visit your acu/herbal med doctor.
K: Pamela and Mike - Thank you both for taking the time to do this chat. For those of us who use an alternative approach to beating our IF, it truly is wonderful that this topic was incorporated into the discussion. THANK YOU BOTH!
Pamela: Thanks Mike, that was very sweet. And AIA is grateful to Fertile Thoughts for supporting these chats!
dganet: K - second you!
Joy: Mike, what is the difference between those acup. that call themselves DOCTOR? Higher classification?
ck: thanks for all the great information :)
Sonj1: are they usually one dr or two? one for each specialty?
MikeBerkley: chaya ok to start at anytime. I dont know if right after 1 tx that the uterine lining will be improved. this is in fact doubtful. Acu/herbal med is a PROCESS oriented medicine and needs time to work. Like the growing of a beatiful flower or the aging of an excellent wine.
MikeBerkley: sonjl...usually 1
MikeBerkley: ck thank you for participating!
Sonj1: great! Thanks...
K: Mike - love the analogy ;)
WB amita!
dganet: Mike - in answer to Chaya's ? though, the tx she would be given on a specific cycle day is very important. She needs to be treated according to that day - yes?
Sally: Mike-thank you so much for your time & all the great information.
MikeBerkley: tks wb amita. and tks sonjl!
Pamela: It looks like we are getting close to ending! I would like to thank Mike Berkley for volunteering his time tonight. You can find out more about Mike's practice by visiting his mini site on
Any last questions for Mike before we let him go home?
MikeBerkley: Sally absolutely my please. Thank you too for being here.
Joy: thanks so much for taking time to speak to all of us!
hibiscus: yjaml upi for answering my questions.
K: Mike - I'll be calling you tomorow. Is there a time which works better for you?
hibiscus: thank you
Chaya: Thanks Mike and Pamela.
dganet: Thanks :0)
MikeBerkley: Thank you all for allowing me to answer your intelligent and stimulating questions. You are all very brave people. I am rooting for each and every one of you. Never give up. Best of luck.
Good night to all of you. Tks again!
amita: Thankyou Mike for being so caring/supportive/kind/ and informed about IF! Thankyou for comparing the endometrium lining to a fine wine!!!lol, you are a cool guy!
Pamela: Good Night everyone! Feel free to hang out in the chat room and talk among yourselves! Thanks again! I hope we see you June 1st.
K: Pamela - thanks again for letting me post this to the bb. I'll assure you that your link will absolutely be included!! This type of conversation is right down our alley!
dganet: Pamela, I'll try my hardest!
K: Thank you Mike!
MikeBerkley: tks amita. have a great night and life! respect and best wishes,
hibiscus: nanu, they will be psoting the full chat on the website so you can see what you missed
dganet: K/Pamela - people asked ? that are so relevant to the everyday stuff we get asked all the time. It would be great to post all this!
K: dganet - so lady...sneaking online at work?? LOL!
amita: bye everyone! Prayers for you all to be blessed with a miracle baby!
dganet: K......LOL!!! Heeheehee, I am sitting here with my terminal pointing to the window, :0)
K: Anyone interested in continuing the alt chat over in the alt chatroom???
K: d - sneaky!!
Hiya AF
dganet: K, I need to go do some work. I'll e-mail you. Sorry for not getting back to you on the others!
Auntflow: Hey K
dganet: Bye folks, nice to see you all!
Pamela/K - thanks, it was good!
K: d - no problem! I'll keep an eye open for them..No rush on your end, just so long as I get info before you leave for holiday.
K: See Ya dganet!
Hiya maria! You just missed the AIA chat event..A transcript will be available on their website
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lurking: All -Have a pleasant evening :)
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TriciaNY: Hi,SO sorry to be getting on late myself !
K: maria - did you see my last note to you?
K: Hey Tricia!! You missed it! I'll be posting a transcript on our bb.
maria: the note about missing the chat?
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Auntflow: for about 9 months.
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maria: goodnight everyone, I'll see you on Thurs
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Have a wonderful evening everyone!
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