Sample Letter for AETNA U.S. Healthcare Members





Mr. Richard L. Huber
President and CEO
AETNA U.S. Healthcare
151 Farmington Avenue
Hartford, CT 06156


Dear Mr. Huber:

As a member of AETNA U.S. Healthcare, I was alarmed to recently learn of the possible alteration, and even termination, of some of the components of the AETNA U.S. Healthcare Infertility Program. I joined AETNA Healthcare with the expectation that the unique and somewhat ground-breaking program would be available in my time of need. I was delighted to have the opportunity to choose such a plan, and now I am very disappointed t learn that some of the necessary infertility procedures may be eliminated.

(PUT IN VERY BRIEF PERSONAL INFORMATION: About your experiences with AETNA U.S. Healthcare. Emphasize any positive experiences that you have had with the program. Mention reason that you joined AETNA/Healthcare.)

The purpose of insurance is to spread the risks as all members of a plan take on some of the cost of covering the needs of one another. As the premiums of couples with infertility cover the costs of those who conceive and bear children, it is only fair that the relatively small costs associated with treating infertility should be spread out as well.

I do hope that you seriously evaluate the infertility program before making any final decision. I have been more than satisfied with AETNA U.S. Healthcare and the range of benefits that it provides. I would be very disappointed to see severe restrictions placed on healthcare coverage. By including infertility coverage in a health plan, medical concerns can be effectively managed and costs can be contained. Unless patients are directly referred to infertility doctors, unnecessary tests and more expensive and invasive procedures may be the path taken, ultimately resulting in increased costs for the HMO.

Thank you for carefully considering this important health care concern.


Sincerely yours,

Your Name