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The pro-family rally in Albany on April 20th was a tremendous success! Over one hundred people gathered on the steps of the Capitol to show their support for the new Bills (A7303 / S3131) which will require infertility treatment to be included in health insurance plans in New York State. Thank you to those of you who attended the rally and who wrote letters to legislators asking them to support this new Bill. Were almost there!

Now more than at any other time, Albany needs to hear all of your voices! With the support of Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, theres a great chance that Bill A7303 will be passed in the Assembly. We need to build even more support for Senate Bill S3131 to make this a law. We cant afford to let the opportunity go by! You can help insured New Yorkers get access to the treatment they need to build a family!

We need you to write to Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno, Senator James Seward (Chair of the Senate Insurance Commission) and your State Senator and ask them to support Bill S3131. Ask them to join Senator Kenneth LaValle, Senator Nicholas Spano, Senator Seymour Lachman and many others in Albany who have already pledged their support for this Bill.

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Senate Majority Leader Chairman, Senate Insurance Commission Your Senator is:
Senator Joseph L. Bruno Senator James L. Seward «SENNAME»
Albany, NY 12247 Albany, NY 12247 «SENCITY», «SENSTATE»
Tel: Tel: Tel: «SENPHONE»

There has never been a more critical time in our effort to gain insurance coverage for infertility treatment in New York State. Wouldnt that be a great Mothers Day gift for New York!

Your help now can (WILL !) make all the difference!

For more information, call Pam Madsen, Executive Director of AIA, at

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