"To pay for our infertility treatments, we borrowed money from family, mortgaged our home, and learned to live without many of the things that other people take for granted."

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Dear Advocacy Supporter:

This is one of the most important communications you will ever receive from the infertility community.? We are organizing an historic pro-family campaign, and we need you to be part of it.

New York State is considering a new law that will help make sure that infertility treatment is covered by health insurance. The American Infertility Association is working to help pass this new law we need your help!? We have all heard the stories of couples who have been unable to afford infertility treatment.? Many of us know that pain firsthand. And no one can hear these stories without being angry and frustrated.? We can end this unfairness!? Senator Spano and Speaker Silver and many others in Albany have already pledged their support for this effort.

You can join this effort in several ways:

  1. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, write and ask your state legislator to support this bill. We have provided an example of such a letter in this kit.

    Your legislators can be found at this link:

  2. JOIN US IN ALBANY ON APRIL 20th.? Hundreds of AIA members and others will go to Albany on April 20 to show their support for this mandate.? We will provide transportation and everything you need.? Help us make our voices heard!

Call Berry & Company at by April 1 to reserve a seat on a bus departing from a location near you.

The following pages tell how you can be a part of this pro-family campaign. Write your legislator!? Join us in Albany!? Together, we can stop this unfair discrimination against people trying to build a family.


Funded by an unrestricted educational grant from Organon, Inc., and supported by Serono Laboratories.

Pamela Madsen, Executive Director

How To Contact Your Legislators

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Sample Letter To Your Legislator

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